Birthdays and More – part 1

Story Progression Update:
Kyra Snyder-Parrott celebrates a birthday! She is now a Child.

This must be the day to celebrate Snyder birthdays. Birthday

Grandma Alice is ecstatic about this first milestone moment. Birthday1b

Happy Birthday, Grace! Birthday2

Happy Birthday, Gina! Birthday5

Happy Birthday, Gabby! Birthday6

Now the real fun begins and Kristy seems to have a lot on her mind. Toddler

Story Progression Update:
Kasey Snyder-Parrott celebrates a birthday! She is now a YA
Kasey gets a job as Fortune Teller.
Justina Snyder-Parrott celebrates a birthday! She is now a Teen

Heavy rain is a good time to stay inside. Toddler1b

Time to learn new things like walking. Toddler2

Playing with blocks. Toddler3

First Words.

Gabby: Gabby

Gina: Gina

Grace: Grace

Spring rain brings spring flowers and beautiful butterflies. Rain

The rain finally lets up. No Rain

Happy Love Day!

Nate enjoys seeing the love & affection between his parents because it gives him hope for his own life. Hope

Time to go, we have something special planned. Go Grandpa Nate holding Grace

Grandma Alice holding Gabby

Reiley and Kristy holding Gina


~ * ~ To Be Continued… ~ * ~

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