Birthday Bonanaza, part 1

Kids might drag their feet when going to school and Adults don’t enjoy Mondays because it is often the beginning of the workweek, but this is ridiculous! School

Addy’s Note: If you paid attention to my page, you would have noticed that I mentioned having issues with kids getting kicked out of school and treated as if they were skipping. Friday was the first time this happened so… I did a little bit of research and set aside the webpage in case I needed it. The picture above was taken on the following Monday and I decided to let them finish their day before I took the measures suggested by crinrict, Crowds in Front of the School. I followed the steps listed in the Solutions and so far, so good. **Knock on wood**

Story Progression Update:
Kasey SP-Burnette gave birth to a girl. Welcome to the family, Christen!

Birthdays also happened here at home…

Happy Birthday, Gabe!


Happy Birthday, Gina!


Happy Birthday, Grace!


Happy Birthday, Gabby!


To be continued…

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4 thoughts on “Birthday Bonanaza, part 1

    • LOL

      You wouldn’t know this, but some of the sims outside in the crush ARE teachers or other school employees. Perhaps they are protesting, too… NO MORE STUPID KIDS WHO CAN’T FOLLOW RULES!

    • So annoying to get notifications saying that your sim children are skipping school and when you look over at the school, they’ve all been booted outside. Silly game.

      I planned her outfit to be similar since she is athletic because I envisioned her to be a bit of a tomboy.
      LOVE using the Nraas Master Controller Stylist after birthdays happen so outfits are the way I’d like them to look 🙂

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