Autumn Abode

BuildnShare Challenge #208
Fall Designer Showdown
The Brief: Requirements

Budget: $140,000
Used: $114,065

Built at 72 Water Lily Lane, Sunset Valley (the Monotone lot)
Download: Autumn Abode
Open Living/Dining with access to Kitchen
1 Bedroom
1 Bathroom
Artist Studio
Starter Garden
Outdoor Dining/Entertaining
Hot tub

Download Link: to be added later
11/30/18 Note:
Am currently unable to upload.
Can only download via using "save file" option.

Front of the house
Right side of the house, nearest the front
Right side of the house, at the back of the property

Art Studio

Take a break from creating: Lounge or play chess ~ Ladder leads to rooftop deck

Inside the Studio

Overview of the two rooms
Room 1: Paint
Room 1: Drafting Table
Room 2: Sculpting Station


Right side of the backyard

Exterior Door (Bedroom) and Gated Access
Gated Access leads to … hot tub!


Garden contains: 
Apple and Lime trees
Bell Pepper, Onion and Tomato plants
Garlic, Grape, Lettuce, Potato and Watermelon vines

Time to check out the house!

Front Entrance

Living/Dining Area

What’s through those doors?


Hall “space”



Plenty of closet space!
Left Door: Hall and Right Door: Bathroom

A few screenshots taken while testing out this build …

Fall foliage is so PRETTY!
Mascot and paper carrier had no trouble finding the front door
Pretty at DUSK!
Addy Sim: “Want to help me work outside?”
Hunter & Allyson: “Out … side? We thought you meant work out!”

10 thoughts on “Autumn Abode

    • Thank YOU!
      I did. 🙂 The Renovacy Challenge has me motivated to renovate more buildings and this one seemed like a good one to do. Now that I’m done, I think of other things I could have added … especially since I’ve peeked at the builds that others have done! lol

  1. Great flipping! 🙂 What I like most about this lovely build is all the little nooks you’ve created, outside especially, but inside as well. I feel like you could wonder off with a book (or a sketchpad I guess) and no one would realize where you’d gone for hours. It’s so inviting! Cool art studio too 🙂

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