And there are MORE Snyders…

Generation 2

Nikki (human)

Nikki Reiley is Nichol’s daughter.
Zach Snyder married Nichol & adopted Nikki, thereby making her a Snyder.
Nikki is the older half-sister to Kayla.

Nikki married Johnnie Parrott (human) and they have 3 children.
Child 1: son, Bobby (human), was born on the same day as Rosaleen Snyder
Child 2: daughter, Lynda (human)
Child 3: son, Dorian (human)

Johnnie Snyder-Parrott passed on.
Nikki married Raheem Blackwell (human). No kids.
Nikki passed on, making Raheem a widower.

Generation 3

Rosie (human)

Rosaleen “Rosie” is the daughter of Kayla & Jeremey and the younger sister of Reiley.

Rosie married Terrell Kuoadio (human). No kids.
Rosie and Terrell divorce.
Rosie married Anderson Swann (human). No kids.
Rosie passed on, making Anderson a widower.

Generation 5

Gina (human)

Gina is the daughter of Nate & Kristy and is the middle triplet.

Gina married Eloy Scruggs. No kids.
Gina and Eloy divorce.
Gina married Ferby Burris. No kids.
Gina passed on, making Ferby a widower.

Gabby (human)

Gabby is the daughter of Nate & Kristy and is the youngest triplet.

Gabby married Jeromy Joy (human).
Child 1: son, Chase
Child 2: son, Shon
Child 3: son, Ramin

Jeromy passed on.
Gabby married Dylan Ivanov. No kids.
Gabby and Dylan have passed on.

Gabe (human)

Gabriel “Gabe” is the son of Nate & Kristy and is the youngest of the four kids.

Gabe married Sonia Spivey (human). No kids.
Sonia passed on.
Gabe married Katie SP-Ivanov. No kids.
Gabe passed on, making Katie a widower.

Generation 7

Duncan (human)

Duncan married Efrain Simon (human).
Efrain passed on.

Generation 8
Bell Head
Bellamy (human)

Bellamy married Braden Medeiros
Child 1: daughter, Catrina
Child 2: daughter, Martina

Baz (human)

Baz is dating Zoey Clements

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