A Fall Farewell

Happy Leisure Day! Leisure

Grandpa Reiley: “Let’s go, girls! Time for a new family portrait.”

Triplets: “Aww, Grandpa. Must we? I was winning!
No, wait I was!
Uh hunh… I was!”
**slight squabble breaks out among the three of them**

Grandpa Reiley: “Girls, you’re each a winner in my mind. Now, let’s go!”


Up close …
L to R (back row): Reiley, Alice, Nate and Kristy
L to R (front row): Gabe – who unfortunately is hiding behind Gabby, Gina and Grace

Story Progression Update:
Thursday, Leisure Day
Nikole Snyder-Parrott celebrates a birthday and is an Adult now!
Kyra Snyder-Parrott is dating Toby Dean!
Rod Snyder-Parrott is dating Beverly Dean!
Kyra and Rod are cousins, but I’m not sure what the relationship between Toby and Beverly is.

Kasey and Kurtis SP-Burnette are expecting!
Katie Snyder-Parrott celebrates a birthday and is a Toddler now!

Justina Snyder-Parrott celebrates a birthday and is an Adult now!
Rosie, Reiley’s sister, celebrates a birthday and is an Elder now!
Rosie is my first family member to not experience parenthood.

Justina Snyder-Parrott and Gonzalo Newbie are expecting!
Bobby celebrated a birthday and is an Elder now!
Dorian & Nikole announce that they are expecting their 3rd child!

Whew! What a whirlwind of family events.

Reiley decides to do some yardwork and discovers a squirrel while he is raking up leaves. Leaves

Nate and Kristy work in the evenings so Grandpa Reiley and Grandma Alice try to eat dinner with the kids instead of just letting them fend for themselves.

Unfortunately, dinner turned into something more…

Goodbye, Grandpa Reiley. You will be missed.

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