9.8: Birth and Birthday

* Wednesday *

In the early hours of the morning, Layla goes into labor.

Chase reacts like most Sims do.

The ride to the hospital is uneventful and Layla is glad to see the sidewalks out front aren’t blocked by other Sims.

Back at home …
While Chase and Layla are at the hospital, Ben and Darla continue sleeping but … something tells me that grandparent mode has kicked in!

At 7:32 am, Layla gives birth and soon after is ready to leave the hospital.

Back at home …
A birthday of another kind takes place. Happy Birthday, Darla!

New parents, Layla and Chase, take turns tending their little one and getting to know her.

While Layla takes a well-earned nap, Chase cares for the horses and continues training Sunshine.

Darla celebrates her birthday by having fun at the Spring Festival.
Addy’s Note: In case you’re wondering, Ben is the fellow wearing long pants and a jacket in the background.

“Things are going to be different around here, but you won’t be forgotten.”, Chase says to Oreo.

Other news in the family:
Braden, Bell’s husband, celebrates a birthday.

Over in Bridgeport:

“HAIL-o from Bridgeport” was the subject line of the email with this accompanying picture.

“We’re doing well and certainly enjoying the sights seen from our deluxe apartment in the sky. Give our love to all and extra cuddles to baby Heather. Goodness, big brother, how time flies. You’re married and a father while we’re making our way in the Big Plumbob. Glad to see all of us are getting exactly what we want … wish … deserve!”

Cassie & Claire

Carl & Cole here. Congratulations! Big changes ahead for you and Layla. Speaking of changes … check this out!

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