9.7: Birthday Surprises

* Monday *

TODAY is Ben’s birthday!

Darla bakes the birthday cake while the guys watch television. Layla has a special gift to share with everyone and not just grandpa-to-be.

Martina and Catrina (military uniform) are the only family members able to come to the party because the rest are working or have other commitments.

Happy Birthday Ben!

Addy’s Note: He’s a cute elder Sim.

When the time is right, Layla shares the BIG NEWS that there will soon be another family member to meet.

“Chase, you don’t have to stand guard. I’m pregnant that’s all. I won’t do anything dumb or take unnecessary risks with our child.”

Other happenings in the family:
Oreo gains the Playful trait!
Martina marries Bruce Langford.
Bellamy celebrates a birthday.

* Tuesday *

Chase is hired to train a horse named Sunshine. The name seems appropriate for her coat color … until a good brushing reveals a darker hue.

Addy’s Note: Am not sure why the horse is colored so differently between the two screenshots but the second one is her actual color. I did NOT change a thing!

While Chase is caring for both horses, Ben calls the girls in Bridgeport and can’t seem to contain his excitement: “I’m going to be a grandpa! You’re going to be aunts!”

That’s great because the girls have news of their own to share!

Over in Bridgeport:

They’ve moved into a penthouse!

The band has also been hired to perform another gig at Waylon’s Haunt.

Cole: “I’m not sure which was more entertaining: your dad sharing his news or us sharing ours!”

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