9.6: Weekend Highlights

Highlights from the weekend:

~*~ Saturday ~*~

Chase and Oreo take the cup in both Brooke Derby and Three Lakes Derby.
This garners Chase another promotion!

Well done, Oreo!”

Chase and Layla begin family planning.

Other happenings in the family:
Baz & Zoey’s daughter, Emma celebrates a birthday.

Over in Bridgeport:

The band hangs out at their favorite watering hole.

Addy’s Note: Wouldn’t it have been nice if this was how it looked FOR their gig?

* Sunday *

Time for Cannon to return home. Chase earns § 4,762 for his efforts.

Over in Bridgeport:

Cassie researches the daily hotspot in the hopes that it will drum up business.
They take the stage at the Bridgeport Sports Zone and play for a small crowd.

While on break, Claire calls Chase to see how things are going and everybody offers congratulations to the newlyweds.

Side Job << GEN 9 >> Birthday Surprises

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