9.4: The Big Day

~*~ Thursday ~*~
~*~ Snowflake Day ~*~

The morning dawned with sunny skies and a slight chill in the air.
Perfect day for a wedding!

Chase and Layla opt not to have their wedding at the chapel for several reasons with the main one being that there isn’t family to sit on her side of the chapel.

A wedding is a time to celebrate love and a new life together, not point out the differences between their upbringing.

Ben and Darla serve as witnesses to one of the most joyful moments in their own lives … the joining of their eldest with his one true love.

Congratulations Chase and Layla Jones!!!

Addy’s Note: I decided a while back that I preferred seeing the last name change as heirs marry so I went back through the family tree to figure out their surname.

The newlyweds spend a few hours together before Chase heads off to the races.

The first race is the Great Gonzales Gallop and their technique continues to bring good luck as they dash across the finish line.

The winnings garner Chase another promotion.

There’s plenty of time to enter the second race.
Chase and Oreo win the prized Riddle Cup.

They head home and Chase is pleased to see Layla waiting to greet him.

He could really get used to this!

Other happenings in the family:
Baz and Zoey adopt a cat named Nona Howard.


Over in Bridgeport:

The four friends challenge each other in a snowman building competition.

Competition continues as the guys challenge one another on the half-pipe. How did they do? One word. WIPEOUT !!

Better luck next time.

They have fun mugging for the camera and starting their own photo collection.

Time to warm up with a few drinks at the Bridgeport Sports Zone.
They try something called a Flaming Waylon. Not bad.

With insides as toasty as their outsides, they play a few songs in the hopes of drumming up another gig.

The girls send Chase and their parents a picture of the igloo they built along with the following joke.

Why don’t igloo have corners?
Corners are 90 degrees. The igloo would melt!


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7 thoughts on “9.4: The Big Day

  1. It’s official Chase and Layla are now ready to start a family of their own! Good thing Chase has continued his winning streak with the horse races since he will need the money when the babies start to be born… The band seems to be having a fantastic time even if it is cold.. Looking forward to read what happens next!

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