9.3: Wedding Plans


Chase talks to his dad about their wedding plans.

Eventually, the topic shifts to children and Ben becoming a grandfather.
He stops in midsentence … “Dad! Are you okay?”


Chase has a lot to think about and going through the routine of caring for Oreo gives him the quiet space he needs.


Ben also has a lot on his mind. They might be at a relative’s party but he seeks a quiet spot for a chat with his wife.

“Our daughters are grown up and have moved on. While our house is fantastic, it’s too big for the family Chase & Layla want. He says they have no plans to move but I …”

Darla calmly but firmly lets her dear husband know that they have no business trying to force their own wishes upon their kids. “We raised our kids with love and encouraged them to follow their own dreams. If this means changing traditions, then so be it! We are a family … and our connection with each other is what’s important.”


Meanwhile, in another part of town …

Chase and Oreo win the Emery Cup!

The winnings are enough to garner him another promotion.
Congratulations, Chase!

Chase heads home so he and Layla can discuss their wedding plans with his parents.

They then excuse themselves so they can go upstairs and continue talking things over.


Over in Bridgeport:
The snow continues to fall so the band bundles up and heads to the subway platform. Again.

Spring can’t come soon enough as far as these four are concerned!

Claire takes a break from playing so she can grab a cup of hot chocolate. Yum. The warmth spreads through her insides and brings feeling back to her slightly number fingers.

She then enjoys a bowl of clam chowder and making a snow angel while she waits for the others to join her. Her fun is interrupted when she gets a call.

Oh, no! Cole got mugged.

Claire: “Are you okay, Cole?”
Cole: “I’m fine. My pride is bruised more than anything. We’re making posters to warn commuters and plan on hanging them at the various substations. I also made a snowman sentry outside the station where it happened and will have him holding a sign, too!”

Later that day …
They head over to Waylon’s Haunt.

Cole lets his bandmates know that they don’t need to hover.
“I’m fine & not going to let this little setback set us back!”

His smile gets even bigger when Daniel Jigger, the mixologist at Waylon’s Haunt, offers them a gig.

The band takes to the stage and works on figuring out their set list.

There might not be a lot of people at the bar but the band takes time to mingle and start spreading the word of their upcoming gig.

Star Light Love << GEN 9 >> The Big Day

8 thoughts on “9.3: Wedding Plans

    • Thank YOU lisabee! ❤
      The bands career is interesting but I wish the gig opportunity would happen a bit more frequently than it does. Am beginning to think they won’t get the 15 they need to complete the skill challenge.

  1. I really enjoyed reading about Claire’s hot chocolate and clam chowder it was making me hungry! Poor Cole, getting mugged he took it well and they still got a gig so things have a way of working out.. Even though the house is big, Chase and Layla can still make good use of the extra space..

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