9.11: High and Low Notes

* Saturday *

“Good morning, sunshine!”
Addy’s Note: Layla’s baby bump is so cute!

Heather tries solid food for the first time. She likes it!
Addy’s Note: The game gave her Mushroom Omelet as the food favorite so I made sure Chase learned how to make it.

After breakfast, Heather begins learning how to walk while Mommy takes a nap.

Later that day …

Layla goes into labor at 5:05 PM

Labor panic mode. Broken TV irritation. Two times the tension.

The ride to the hospital is nice … well as nice as it can be when mom-to-be is in labor and insists on driving. Chase wonders if they could charge tickets for entertainment but wisely, keeps that thought to himself.

They arrive and several Sims begin to panic. Layla ignores them and walks/waddles past. Chase knows what a gem his wife is and how lucky he is to have her.
Addy’s Note: I’m hoping that the sim in green isn’t on delivery duty!

Back at home …

Heather learns how to walk. “What a nice surprise this will be for your parents!”

A short while after that …

They welcome their second child at 7:05 PM

Two tired but happy parents head home.

Chase takes a few minutes to call his sisters with the good news.

Over in Bridgeport:

The morning starts off on a less-than-good note. “Not again!”, complains Claire.

Things get a bit better when the mail arrives.

Cassie has been named the Spring Dance Queen! She hangs her trophy in a prominent location.

Later that day …

Not wanting to appear too full of pride, she makes dinner for everyone.

Their day ends on a high note with the phone call from Chase.

Cherish Each Moment << GEN 9 >> Coming Soon

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