9.10: Cherish Each Moment

* Friday *

The next morning Layla shares her news.

“You know how we talked about Heather having a little brother or sister some day? Well … that day is going to come sooner than expected. I’m pregnant!” Chase, who was already pretty sure what her news would be, quickly lets his wife know how happy he is.

With a spring in his step and a jaunty whistle, Chase gets to work. Oreo looks over at him and wonders if he got a medal for winning a race.

Grandma Darla enjoys a morning pick-me-up and Grandpa Ben plays with Heather before placing her in the swing.
Addy’s Note: I have fun watching elder Sims do their own thing without any direction. Ben is continually doing something with Heather. As soon as she cries, I go to send one of her parents and find out that Ben is already on his way!

Chase comes back inside and has to address a sink situation that someone “conveniently” left for him.

Now that that’s fixed, he can do what he came back inside for … make a birthday cake for Heather because TODAY is her birthday!!

The party will have to wait. Grandma and Grandpa went back to bed.

A few hours later …

Happy Birthday Heather!

“What a cutie pie! Toddler laughs are so infectious, you can’t help but smile and laugh right along with them!”

“I’m going to get you!”, says Grandma while Heather laughs with pure joy.

Little ones grow so fast so it’s definitely time to cherish each moment.

Over in Bridgeport:

The band continues to play for tips in the subway and are now considered to be a local legend (Band career L7).

As they’re wrapping up for the day, Cassie gets an opportunity to fill in with the local symphony and asks to borrow Cole’s guitar in case they don’t have one for her to use.

The other band members head home.

Claire arrives first and is frustrated to see the TV on the fritz.

“Cole, when you get a moment …” Cole lets her know he’s busy fixing the shower that one of them left behind this morning without saying a word.

Their water bill is going to be huge this month!

“What about you Carl? Know anything about fixing a TV?” Carl quickly lets her know he’s not skilled and would most likely electrocute himself when he asks if she … and Claire lets him she’s in the same boat as him: no skills, afraid of getting zapped.

Claire calls for repairs and then calls home while she waits for them to arrive. “Happy Birthday Heather! What a BIG girl you are now!”

Cassie walks in the door and after waiting for a few minutes, takes the phone from her sister. “That’s wonderful, honey! We love and miss you {makes kissy noises} and hope you like your present.”

Handyman Ned Mason wouldn’t mind being called back out again. It’s a nice place and the Sims living here are rather attractive.
Addy’s Note: Not making assumptions about his preference. When/If he calls to ask any of them out on a date, it will be known then.

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