9.2: Star Light Love


Chase wakes early and takes care of Oreo before doing anything else.


After breakfast, he joins his dad and they have a heart-to-heart about carrying on traditions and starting a family.

Ben advises him to remember that while being a dad is wonderful, don’t let it take over everything else. Partners need their couple time and it’s important for children to see this.


The races begin at 5 pm and Chase hopes to place in one or two, if possible. He assists Layla in the garden before offering to cook dinner and makes sure she doesn’t mind his being away in the evenings.

Not burning the Goopy Carbonara is a good way to keep your family happy, eh Chase?


Chase and Oreo get to the Equestrian Center in time to enter the Kutaragi Cup. They’re thrilled when they jump to the first position and keep it for the entire race.

The prize winnings are enough to earn him a promotion. Congratulations, Chase!

Chase quickly calls home to see how things are going and has to laugh when he hears them on the speakerphone. They’re obviously having a good time!

Layla (sounding slightly out of breath): “Congratulations on another victory! Sure … enter another race if there’s time. Don’t worry about us. We’re keeping busy.”

As he’s ending the call, Chase hears her yell out “Wait for me! That’s a favorite song of mine and I’ve got the perfect moves to show you two!”


He enters the second race, feeling like the luckiest Sim in town. Supportive parents and girlfriend as well as a terrific horse. He’s doing pretty well and he knows it.

They manage to scoop the first-place trophy in the Jayapalan Cup Race. Wahoo, that’s two for two tonight. “We’re quite the team, Oreo!”

Time to head home before we drop. Chase yawns while unsaddling Oreo and quickly gives him a carrot before sending him into the backyard. “Go and relax, boy. You’ve more than earned it!”


He finds Layla in the study, playing chess and invites her to look at the stars with him. With a smile that lights up her face, she agrees.

Apparently, they aren’t the only two wanting to enjoy the starry night. Chase smiles at his parents as he turns Layla around and heads toward the front yard.

The stars are mesmerizing but the sweet nothings whispered in his ear are even more enchanting.

Chase helps Layla off the ground and then proceeds to sweep her off her feet. “You have quite the way with getting my attention, mister.” Layla laughs as she kisses him again.

Chase: “I do? Well then I must be sure that I have your full attention, love. From the moment we met, I knew there was something special about you. (Chase gets down on one knee) I love you, Layla, and want to spend the rest of our days showing you. Will you marry me?”

Layla (with tears in her eyes and a huge smile that lights up her face): “Yes! Yes! Yesss!!! I love you too!”

A little later …

They head upstairs and ready themselves for bed. Both are quite tired by this point and soon drift off to sleep with love in their hearts and smiles on their faces.


Over in Bridgeport:
The day progressed much like the day before: a quick meal at home and subway songs since it’s too chilly to be outside for long. The tips are much appreciated and will help them pay rent plus maintain their equipment while they wait for their big break.

Chase gets a kick out of the photo they send him via email:

Snow-body loves you like we do! Wish you were here!!

Making a Move << GEN 9 >> Wedding Plans

6 thoughts on “9.2: Star Light Love

    • So far, so good! I’m hoping he’ll well at the International level when he reaches that point.

      Ben will be an elder soon so I hope he’ll get a chance to meet a grand before he passes.

  1. I see Chase, Layla and his parents are all hopeless romantics, since they all chose to watch the stars on the same night… Chase had a real eventful night, two races won and Layla accepted his proposal! The future looks bright! The band’s house looks lovely in the Winter!

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