9.1: Making a Move


Chase invites Layla over for breakfast and is a bit disappointed he burnt the pancakes. He’s happy his siblings plus Carl & Cole aren’t there to tease him about it!


The family goes to the Winter Festival where things develop further between Chase and Layla. They kiss for the very first time. Soon after, they become boyfriend and girlfriend.

Another portrait is added to the family wall.


A few hours later …
(Back at the house)

Over an early dinner, Chase broaches the idea of Layla moving in.

They discuss many things during that meal like hopes and dreams, how many kids they would like to have … you know, the important things couples need to know and agree upon before becoming too serious.

Evidently the answers satisfy both of them because when Chase gifts her the keys to the house, she happily accepts.


With a smile on his face and a spring in his step, Chase enters the Hirai Derby with Oreo. Their luck continues and they claim the First Place Prize! The prize money is enough to push him to the next tier of the career. Congratulations, you two!!


While Chase is at the race, Ben and Darla go to a party.

Ben sees his cousin, Dora, kissing someone who is not her husband. He lets her know how upset he is by her behavior and lack of respect for Aren (also a relative!).

As he’s heading out the door, he sees his sister Bell and they chat for a few minutes.

Addy’s Note: It’s so good to see her and looking so well.

Darla also has words with Dora before leaving the party.


Back at home …
Everyone says goodnight before heading to bed.

Chase decides he could really get used to having a loved one beside him as he ends one day and starts another. Apparently, Layla feels the same way.


Over in Bridgeport:

The weather isn’t right for playing outdoors so the band takes to the subway platforms and play for commuters.

Later that day, they head over to Waylon’s Haunt to warm up with fun and games before taking to the stage.

Hopefully someone will like what they’re hearing and offer a chance at a gig soon!

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6 thoughts on “9.1: Making a Move

  1. A very nice start for generation 9! Ben and Dora did the right thing even though it’s not always easy confronting a relative in that respect.. Glad chase is successful, because with possible wedding bells and children he will need the money.. The band has a lot of work to do, hopefully, they will get a successful gig soon…

    • Thanks!

      I dislike how townie Sims cheat on their partners in this game and it really irks me when it’s within my Sims’ family tree.

      Thankfully Chase doesn’t have to worry too much about money and can do what he loves. Hopefully his sisters will do well on their chosen path too.

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