8.8: Things to Celebrate

~ Tuesday ~
A birthday card is sent to Titus.
Lorena has passed on.
Lucia, Erich and Damian mourn the loss of their mother.

Van might have the day off from work, but he spends his time working from home.
Addy’s Note: Outside of ensuring that elder Van isn’t going to waste money making food when there are meals IN the fridge, I leave him up to his own devices. Since he is a workaholic, I chose not to have him retire because I felt like he wouldn’t know what to do with himself otherwise.

Khiara earns another promotion and is now a World-Renowned Surgeon.
Congratulations, Khiara!

She is pleasantly surprised to see Bridgette and her husband, Elbert, along with Kylie (Bridgette’s half-sister) cheering her on as she exits the hospital.

Ben invites Darla on an outing and takes her to the park where they recently held a family picnic. Darla looks around to see if there is another birthday or event to celebrate and notices that it is just the two of them.

“Darla, you are a very caring person and your nurturing skills shine throughout your garden. I think we are at a point in our lives where it’s time to raise our own little sprouts.”

“I’m ready to start a family and I hope you are too.”

Darla smiles and leans in, whispering yes as she kisses him.

The two lovebirds hurry home and spend the rest of their date in each other’s arms.
Addy’s Note: Musical chimes are heard in more than one Snyder home as Bell & Braden announce that Bell is pregnant. Congratulations, you two!

~ Wednesday ~
Birthday cards are sent to Christin and Layla.
Ian and Stacia marry. Congratulations!

Darla has difficulty working in the garden and must excuse herself a couple of times.

Ben is hopeful that this means what he thinks it means, but isn’t going to ask in case he is wrong. He doesn’t want Darla to think that baby making is the only thing on his mind.

With that in mind, he offers to make her some peppermint tea in the hopes that it will help soothe her discomfort and settles her on the couch.

No one else noticed. Baz is busy at school and Van & Khiara are busy … elsewhere.

Later that afternoon …

Baz finishes his homework and watches TV with Ben & Darla. Darla notices Baz rubbing his feet and offers to take him to get a new pair of shoes.

Baz needs more than just a new pair of shoes.
Happy Birthday, Baz!

Baz becoming a teen is well worth celebrating, but it seems there is another event worth a mention or two.

Baz calls his friend Philip while Darla shares her good news with Ben.

“Hello, little one. We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!”

It might be Baz’s big day, but certain chores can’t be pushed off to another day.

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4 thoughts on “8.8: Things to Celebrate

  1. The interaction between Ben and Darla was really cute.
    The look in Baz’s face when he aged made me think he was mad, or is that just a typical teen face. LOL

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