8.7: A New Friend

~ Sunday, 1st day of Fall ~
A birthday card is sent to Brenda.
Mark and Deidre Bond begin dating.

Ben sells enough product to reach the top level in the nectar making career.
Congratulations, Ben!

Van and Baz are thrilled by this announcement because Ben follows it with tickets to see the Lucky Llamas game at the stadium.

“Hurry up you two, we’re ready to go!”

Van is surprised by the lack of crowds, but is thankful because he scores a good parking spot.

“Let’s go, Llamas, let’s go!”
“TOUCHDOWN!!! What a good show!”

The Lucky Llamas drove the Mighty Moose out the door with a 30 to 17 victory.

The family sing the team’s song as they head home.

Ben and Baz enjoy watching the game’s highlights on TV.

**ding dong**

“Oh, no need to get up, I’ll get the door …” Darla says in a sarcastic tone.
Not that her comment gets noticed as they continue discussing different playbook techniques.

“Malinda, what a surprise. Please come in!”

She is a polite dinner companion, chatting and joking with the others.

The surprises continued as Malinda helps clear the table and then excuses herself. Ben and Darla find her taking a nap in the spare bedroom. Neither want to wake her so they quietly head off to bed themselves. Imagine their expressions when they wake the next morning and realize that she did their laundry before leaving.

~ Monday ~
Birthday cards are sent to Sergio, Jarod, Josue and Wade.

Darla sells enough produce to reach the top level in the gardening career.
Congratulations, Darla!

Khiara is tasked with running a 4-hour vaccination clinic and does a decent job at maintaining a professional, yet courteous manner when she arrives & discovers that it is scheduled at the town cemetery.

It’s a good thing she did because this garnered her another promotion.
Congratulations, Neurosurgeon Khiara!

Baz found a lizard on the way home from school and decides to keep him.

Fortunately, his parents agree and take him to the pet store for supplies.

Besides caring for his colorful new friend, Baz needs to find a nice name for this little guy.

Here is a close-up picture of an Agama Lizard.
Image courtesy of http://sims.wikia.com/wiki/File:Agama_Lizard.png

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6 thoughts on “8.7: A New Friend

  1. Melinda was exceptionally kind. It’s ABOUT TIME she realized some things and the importance of her family!
    Also, if this had been the same save, Khiara could have encountered your other character quitting his job at the cemetery!
    Nice lizard.

    • Yes, I agree! I didn’t expect her to come over on her own and be as pleasant as she was and am glad the game did this. I like seeing things get some sort of resolution.

      Oh my! Wouldn’t that have been an interesting cross-over?! I imagine Khiara and the rest of the Snyder family would admire their spirit for not giving up when things are rough. Euan and Patience would probably stand around with jaws dropped as they looked over the Snyder home. Their kids would not want to go home. LOL

  2. I imagine calling him Gama Gama like Llama llama! 🙂 I agree on the McPhails just moving in and never returning to their old home! Big difference there! Nice chapter. I like seeing that everyone does indeed have a nice side, even if we don’t always see it.

    • Cute name for the lizard.

      Maybe, maybe not. We live in a small home (purposefully) and see larger ones being built to replace the original ones when ownership passes. They look nice, but I can’t imagine having so much stuff that a large home is needed.

      Thanks! I agree. People don’t always “put their best foot forward” and those we briefly cross paths with, could be having a really bad day. Others that we know, might not have been taught how to express themselves in a positive manner. Or a more neutral manner, if nothing else.

    • All sims eventually pass. I think she knows her time is drawing nearer so is trying to mend a few fences while she can. Or it could be the free food and a bed to sleep in. Take your pick.

      Thanks, I think so too. When I saw Baz automatically play with it, I decided to let him keep it. Hopefully he doesn’t forget to clean its cage!

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