8.6: A Rewarding Life

~ Friday ~
Birthday cards are sent to Kendra, Ernie and Josephine.

Baz wakes up bright and early. Today is his first day of school and he is both excited & nervous.

What if he doesn’t do well when the teacher calls on him?
What if he doesn’t make any friends?

He grabs a bowl of his favorite cereal, Plumbob Power, in the hopes that its sugary goodness will lift his mood.


Baz races out the door, heart pounding in his chest.

Rats! He’s the first pickup and the driver doesn’t look like he wants to talk.

Thankfully, the school day goes better than Baz expected. He is starting to make a few friends and doesn’t have too much trouble when the teacher calls on him.

He wishes he could say the same when it comes to his homework.

Khiara also has a good day at work, earning another promotion and becoming an Infectious Disease Researcher. Congratulations!

Bell hosts a formal party and invites the newlyweds, Ben & Darla.

Ben is surprised to see his sister at the grill, but decides not to bother her with any sibling teasing so all can fully enjoy this nice night.

Darla thanks Bell for the delicious meal and the two of them share some of their favorite family recipes.

~ Saturday ~
Birthday cards are sent to Cliff and Sommer.
Sergio and Deirdre Bond begin dating.

Baz invites Philip Newbie over to play.

They are well on their way to becoming fast friends since they share a lot of the same interests.

Ben and Darla are invited to go to City Hall and collect their service awards. The mayor’s kind words are well worth remembering.

“Benjamin! Thank you for blessing the world with your world-class nectar! Take this Nectar Maker’s Symbol of Honor and stand with it forever on a pedestal above Riverview. You are a nectar genius! Nay … you are our nectar genius!”

“On behalf of the citizens of Riverview, it is my honor to award the Gardening Hero’s Trophy to Darla! Many times I have strolled past your gorgeous gardens and admired your green thumb and bountiful plants. Your gardening skills provide the citizens of Riverview with delicious fresh food to eat and beautiful plants to gaze upon. Your talent and knowledge in the realm of gardening is unrivaled.”

Congratulations to the both of you!

Both know the perfect spot to showcase their respective awards.



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8 thoughts on “8.6: A Rewarding Life

  1. Wow, Baz and his new friend have identical T-shirts. I don’t get why there are so many bald teens in my town as well and I see you have a bald child there. Is this a new fashion trend for our Simmies? 🤔 Congratulations to Ben and Darla!

    • I laughed when I saw his friend wearing the same shirt 🙂 Maybe it is a new trend as I’m starting to see more of them in town and relationship panel as Sims age up.

      Thanks! Since Snyder weddings are held on holidays, I had to wait until the next one came around. Slightly difficult as I’m antsy to get their story moving right along but at the same time not having it seem rushed. Doing my best to make each generation not seem like a cookie cutter of the one that came before.

  2. I think all your generations are unique. The randomizer really helps with that! I hate bald kids. It’s make me think they all are undergoing chemo. 😦 Yay on the awards. Nice job!

    • Thanks, ciane 🙂 I agree with you in that randomizing things helps mix it up a bit. I really like the way the random legacy app added interesting goals that I would never have thought of.

      Not digging bald kids either. His friend stayed bald when he aged up and has some oddly shaped, large ears but by that time they were doing much together anyway. I think I was too focused on developing things with other family members and tend to not do as much with any heir siblings. Shame on me.

  3. That was funny. In the scene were Baz invites Philip over, when I first saw it I thought is was some kind of weird mirror because they have the same short and height.

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