8.5: Special Leisure Day

~ Thursday, Leisure Day ~
A birthday card is sent to Craig.
Katrina gives birth to a boy. Welcome to the family, Jarod!
Rae and Damian Ivanov begin dating.
Kody and Cindy Newbie begin dating.

Excitement fills the air on another gorgeous summer day!
No work or school, but plenty to do on this special Leisure Day.

First, the family briefly stop by the summer festival to get their family portrait done.

Then, they are on their way to the day’s main event … one that various family members have been looking forward to all week long.

My Invitation

Baz isn’t sure he likes dressing up, but Ben assures him that he looks handsome.
Van fondly recalls his own special time with Khiara.

Ben tries his best not to look nervous as he waits for his lovely bride-to-be.

Darla is soon by his side, smiling and looking more beautiful than their surroundings.

Once everyone takes their seats, the ceremony begins.

“Family and friends, we gather today to celebrate the union of Ben and Darla.”

A little later …

“This ring is a token of our never-ending love.”

“Together we can weather any storm.”

After rings are exchanged and handwritten vows are read, Ben and Darla get introduced as sim and wife.

You may kiss your beautiful bride!

Baz wishes his brother would hurry up and slice the cake!

Ben and Darla prefer sitting with family instead of by themselves at the bridal table.

Bell doesn’t seem to mind sitting alone.
Addy’s Note: I’m not sure what is going on, but Bell seems to be displeased with someone. She leaves each family gathering (Baz’ birthday picnic in addition to this wedding) with a message about “somebody having unresolved issues” and has to be called back. I’m thinking that it might be Efrain since there have been messages regarding his flirtations. Poor Duncan.

Baz helps himself to a second slice of cake when the others gather on the dance floor.

Congratulations, Ben and Darla! May you begin and end each day with as much love and joy as you are feeling at this moment.

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6 thoughts on “8.5: Special Leisure Day

    • Thanks 🙂
      Have chapters readied through February and the first week of March, but didn’t want to get too far ahead of myself as I run the risk of spilling beans. I get so excited and want to chat about it!

      Had to re-do their wedding several times. First attempt wouldn’t save as I spent way too much time in CASt. Another two attempts had Braden arrive stuck in the ground and my pitiful attempts at fixing him were pitiful indeed. So I picked the best pictures and cobbled together a decent wedding. Oh, the things we do for our story. 😉

      Me too. At first I worried that it was trouble between Bell & Braden, but think the most likely culprit is Efrain. Although it could be any of them since another sim moved into their house and could be a catalyst for all this nonsense.

      • I am almost done with 4.20, which is 2 weeks ahead. I hope to finish working ahead to the end of generation 4 this week as it’s my last free off week 🙂
        Oh, yes, we do A LOT for our stories.

      • You can do it! I have no idea where your story will go after this generation, but it’ll be good!!!

        You (and others!) do way more than me with your lovely poses and cc stuff … and the writing! So many feels.

  1. Every time you mention “your stories” it makes me think of my mom and her soap operas. But then again these pretty much are your soap operas 🙂

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