8.4: Picnic in the Park

~ Wednesday ~
Family News:
Birthday cards are sent to Beatrice, Layla, Aren, Andres & Mark.
Shanika and Marlon Ivanov marry. Congratulations!

Experienced or not, nectar making is a slippery business.

It’s a beautiful summer day. The family decides to take advantage of this by enjoying a picnic in the park and celebrating Baz’s birthday.

Bell seems to be bothered by something and leaves shortly after their arrival, so Darla quickly gets on the phone and asks her to return. In the meantime, elders Efrain and Van hang out on the swings while Khiara chats with Duncan.

Bell returns just in time to say …

Happy Birthday, Baz!
Addy’s Note: Oh no! I just realized that I don’t have a decent up-close picture of the birthday boy. Will have to fix this unintentional oversight as soon as possible.

Darla grills tofu dogs so the family can enjoy a nice meal before they enjoy slices of birthday cake.
Addy’s Note: For some reason, the game decided not to accept the “blow out candles” action and had Baz age up on his own. I think 8 p.m. is the magic moment in my game because birthdays seem to happen around that time if I haven’t aged them up sooner.

While the family is in line to grab dinner, Chanel Galvan pushes past the family and cleans up their meal.

How rude!

Ben steps over and asks why would she think that was an okay thing to do. “You could have sat on a bench and let us enjoy our birthday meal in peace!”

Ben continues his rant, “But no, you had to step in and throw away perfectly good food. Please leave. NOW!”

Ben turns to the family with an apologetic shrug and offers to go grab a couple of to-go picnic baskets from the bistro.

Dinner is saved.

Ben finds it difficult to enjoy his meal when he notices the paparazzi, Travis Posey, recording their every action.

Doing their best to salvage the rest of the evening, the family chat among themselves while they let their tummies settle.

Van thanks Bell for coming while Khiara repairs the clogged sink.
Addy’s Note: Braden was there, but stuck in the ground. ResetSim didn’t work on fixing his issue so after several tries, I gave up and just let him go about his business. Let’s just pretend that he had to work late (he’s a musician) and Bell sent his regards.

After making sure that the park was left in the same condition they found it, the family members say goodbye and head off to their respective homes.

It was a nice birthday, for the most part, and Van spends a few minutes playing catchup with Duncan before they too call it a day.
Addy’s Note: At this point, Van has been doing his own thing without any direction from me and took it upon himself to chat with his brother. They chatted for several hours before each headed home.

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6 thoughts on “8.4: Picnic in the Park

  1. This food-cleaning reminds me of waiters who stand next to you and watch until you finish your meal so that they can instantly grab the plate. It’s so frustrating when you have to eat fast so that they finally leave your table.

    • I can definitely see that! Last week we ate out and the waitress continually came by our table … nice because I didn’t run out of water but I felt like I needed to hurry through my meal. She wasn’t rushing us, just making sure we weren’t overlooked as we were seated in a corner near a large party.

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