8.26: Chase in Charge

~ Saturday ~

Nothing out of the ordinary happened so we’re moving on to the next day.

~ Sunday ~

Chase wakes early and decides to clean Oreo’s stall.

He enjoys the quiet because things will soon be very busy with everybody rushing around, trying to get ready for the graduation ceremony.

A few hours later …

They arrive and are surprised to see the number of sims milling about. The family waves to an obviously pregnant Zoey and her daughter, Emma, who is carrying Rembrandt.

Addy’s Note: Oh, look! Emma has Justin’s eye color. This makes me smile!

All of these sims are related to Chase and family!

Bradford Broke might be older but he isn’t any wiser. Ben and Darla encourage the rest to find where to change before getting in line with the other graduates while they go confront Zoey after they saw her kissing Bradford!

They’re relieved when they exit the building after the ceremony to find Bradford nowhere in sight and Zoey playing with her daughter.

Cole graduates with Highest Honor and voted Most Likely to be a Rock Star!

Carl graduates with Highest Honor!

Cassie graduates with Highest Honor and voted Most Popular!

Claire graduates with Highest Honor, is the Class Valedictorian and voted Most Artistic!

Chase graduates with Highest honor and voted Most Likely to Take Over the World!

The family take their portrait together but it’s difficult to see Ben or Darla so they encourage the graduates to stand still for one more snapshot.

At this point there are rounds of hugs and much shedding of tears as the family splits into separate vehicles … Chase and his parents will return home and the others are on their way to Bridgeport.

Goodbye, Claire … Cassie … Carl … Cole. You will be missed.

Chase puts Oreo through his daily paces but doesn’t feel like doing much else at the moment as it’s really starting to sink in that he is now the heir-in-charge.

Ben and Darla notice how quiet the house is without the other four and quietly discuss their hope that they will soon have grandbabies to bounce on their knees.

Chase might be thinking along similar lines as he dreams of Oreo and wedding bells throughout the entire night.

Meanwhile, in another town …

The four aspiring musicians rent a lovely home on the outskirts of Bridgeport.

They strive to get noticed and are pleased when they’re able to apply to be a band. C Note is in business and ready to perform anywhere and at any time!

Times are changing. In a good way.
Here ends Generation 8. Ben was a fun heir to follow and write about.
Welcome Generation 9! It will be interesting to see things from Chase’s perspective.

Extra: How Did Gen 8 Do?
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4 thoughts on “8.26: Chase in Charge

    • Thank you 🙂 I didn’t want them “out of sight, out of mind” but Riverview doesn’t have space for more than one club so they had to move in order to have a chance at achieving their dream.

      Hopefully, the wait will be worth it. 😉

  1. Everyone graduated with honors and they all look great in both graduation photos! I like the house they rented, very pretty! Great story , I guess it’s on to generation 9…

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