8.25: Happy Birthday

~ Friday ~

Today is a very special day!

Darla tries her best to cheer Ben. “Our babies are growing up! Soon they’ll be having babies of their own.”

Not sure if this is helping lift his spirits.

The teens have award ceremonies after their last day of high school.

Art Club: Chase
Drama Club: Chase, Claire, Cassie, Carl and Cole
Music Club: Claire, Cassie, Carl and Cole

A few hours later …
The cake is ready and the guests are on their way.

They show Ben their sweet smustle style while they wait for the party to get started.

There is a surprise “guest”. Bolt, the unicorn, appears in their front yard! Chase runs out to meet this unique creature and excitedly tells Layla about the experience. She seems impressed and interested in what Chase has to say!

The sound of birthday magic music fills the air.

Happy Birthday, Cole!

Happy Birthday, Carl!

Then it’s Chase’s turn.

He makes a wish and goes to blow out the candles when … WHOOSH! The cake catches on fire! Thanks to Ben’s quick thinking under pressure, only the cake is ruined. Happy Birthday anyway, Chase!

Not to be outdone, the girls quickly transition too.
Happy Birthday, Claire!
Happy birthday, Cassie!

Shortly afterward, the party winds done and their guests go home.

Claire and Cassie ask their parents to join them in the living room. The four of them let Ben and Darla know of their plans to form a band and then play a few songs they co-wrote.

Ben and Darla wish them luck in achieving their dreams.

Meanwhile …

Chase is working on a dream of his own.

Chase and Oreo win the Jayapalan Cup race!

Unbeknownst to him, the results are shown on TV and the whole family cheers when his name and their picture are shown!

Oreo enjoys a salty treat before they head home.

Chase lets the others know that he plans on pursuing the Horseman career which comes as a surprise to no one.

The others forming a band and their decision to move to Bridgeport doesn’t surprise but Darla’s calm acceptance does. “We can go visit them and vice versa!”

Poor Ben. He looks so sad.

Other birthdays were celebrated today.
Emma, daughter of Baz and Zoey.
Catrina, daughter of Bell and Braden.

And … Zoey is pregnant again.

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6 thoughts on “8.25: Happy Birthday

    • Still trying to decide how I’ll present that portion but am leaning toward a few pictures here and there at the end of Chase’s chapter. I don’t know if I can keep up the pace of playing two games and fully telling stories for both.

  1. Awesome Chapter!! I see Chase is not afraid to go to the front yard and check out the unicorn even though he was abducted by aliens, then again since he has the equestrian trait that explains why he wanted to see the unicorn.. It’s amazing how birthdays turn teens into young adults with just one blow of the candles in the Sims.. I’m sure Ben will feel better when he see how much free time he has and his children when music awards!

    • Thank YOU!

      Chase love horses and aliens aren’t going to hinder his taking advantage of such a unique opportunity.

      I know. Wouldn’t it be nice to blow candles, turn around and have a bit of birthday magic when its our turn, lol

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