8.24: Fall Festivities

~ Wednesday ~

The day didn’t start off on a good note for Cole.

It gets better when he hears that Carl and Claire got after-school detention for talking during class and he was spared from being caught up in it, too.

Addy’s Note: Carl had been the one who pulled the prank so I imagine he was boasting to Claire when they got caught.

School then after-school activities (or detention!) and homework means long days for the teens but Chase doesn’t mind because Layla Chupta is riding the bus home with him.

They are able to sneak a few minutes alone after finishing their assignments.

The day ends on a sad note when Ben gets a phone call notifying him that Uncle Dunk passed.

Goodbye, Duncan. You will be missed.

Addy’s Note: Duncan can be with his husband, Efrain, again.

~ Thursday, Spooky Day ~

Not all sims are in bed during the wee hours of the morning.

The thief, Ricky Hanks, doesn’t stand a stance against the “triple threat” … Oreo, burglar alarm and Officer Cleveland Kent.

Officer Kent soon has things under control and asks Ben to come down to the station later to sign the report.

Baz calls during breakfast to let them know their new address. Baz, Zoey and family have moved to The Granery (100 Bounty Drive) which happens to be next door to Bell and her family!

He also invites them to a Costume Party. Ben lets him know they will be there after making a stop at the police station and then explains the burglar’s bungled attempt.

Everybody is amused to see the costume choices the others made!

But, wait. One seems to be missing.

They look around and Claire is the first one to spot Cassie.

Ben and Darla take time to admire the newest additions to the family, Rembrandt the cat and Alyssa.

The teens have no trouble finding things to enjoy, too.

The family stops off at the fall festival after the party.

They enjoy activities like bobbing for apples and facing their fears in the haunted house.

Addy’s Note: in case anyone is interested, Cassie won the apple bobbing contest.

The family also made sure to visit the photo booth. Twice.

All in all, it’s a really good day!

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6 thoughts on “8.24: Fall Festivities

  1. That’s a great idea to put the burglar alarm on the outside of the house.. Serves Carl and Clare right for pulling a prank on Cole.. Lots of fun to read!

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