8.23: Good Things

~ Monday ~

Love letters for the teens are getting out of hand! Darla makes signs (example: Chase’s Mailbox) that Ben attaches to bins and they place them in the various cubbyholes near the front door.

Addy’s Note: FOUR letters arrived today and I’m beginning to feel like they interrupt the story flow so am going to stop drawing attention to them unless there’s something worth mentioning.

The school day is an uneventful day, no field trips and no extra drama. It’s actually a bit boring as far as the teens are concerned!

They look forward to their after school activities because they’re always fun and the teacher doesn’t assign any homework! Chase goes to Art Club on Mondays and the rest go to Music Club.

This is what Chase made. What do you think?

As soon as they arrive home, most get started on their homework. Not Chase … he saddled Oreo and rode to the Equestrian Center in order to enter the Kutaragi Cup.

Good Luck!

And the race is on! Chase rode for broke and dropped to a steady pace once they were in the lead.

Addy’s Note: I found that it’s usually a decent strategy.

They came in 1st Place! Congratulations, Chase and Oreo!! Better luck next time, Bulbo.

Mindful of the time and curfew, Chase doesn’t dally any longer than necessary and both enjoy a good gallop home.

“Good job, Oreo! You’ve definitely earned a nice treat.”

Chase ate dinner a few minutes before 11, fully taking advantage of the quiet surroundings. Then he realizes he hasn’t done his homework. Ugh!

He’s too tired to finish his homework and heads off to bed …

… but doesn’t get very far before mysterious lights and sounds draw his attention.

Investigating seems like a good idea at the time.

By the time Chase realizes his mistake, it’s a little too late!

A few hours later …

Chase returns home, seeming none the worse for wear, and heads straight to bed.

~ Tuesday ~

“Hurry up, Chase! Everyone is waiting on you!”, the bus driver calls out.

While the kids are in school, Ben and Darla go to SimFest. They make an effort to have “couple time” each week so their relationship stays strong. They love their kids and want to give them the best of everything and that means making sure that they as parents are at their best, mentally and emotionally.

Addy’s Note: They probably wish they hadn’t gone here since both got the “Saw an Awful Show” moodlet.

The teens have special events after school and change into nicer clothing before attending.

Chase attends the Art-a-Thon, hosted by the Art Club.
Paint flowed from the paintbrush to the canvas with ease. Channeling the great artists of the past made him the winner of the Art-a-Thon!
His prize:

Claire, Carl and Cole perform for the Guitar group of the Music Club.
All three played incredibly well! Mr. Andres von Butterfingerz was thrilled with both their technique and musicianship. Well done!
Their prize (each got one!):

Cassie gives a monologue at the Drama Club.
The famous actress Olivia Street was a guest and only had great things to say to Cassie about her performance! She enthusiastically gave Cassie the signed movie poster.

Emotions continue to run high when all realize they made honor roll. Congratulations!!

More congratulations are in order!
Zoey gave birth to another daughter and they named her Alyssa.
Welcome to the family, Alyssa!

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4 thoughts on “8.23: Good Things

  1. Great story! I see that Chase is a natural when it comes to the equestrian skill, however, I wonder if his encounter with aliens had anything to do with his art skills suddenly improving, LOL!

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