8.22: Good News

~Saturday ~

When homework and chores are done, the teens spend their free time on their various interests.

Chase & Oreo won first place in the Sharma Cup (a beginner racing competition)! The prize is a trophy and $600.

Baz and Zoey call with good news of their own. They are expecting another addition to their family! Emma will become a big sister soon.

Ben stops by to congratulate the happy couple and see Emma. Baz is at work so Ben asks Zoey to pass along their congratulations.

Rosalinda Lessen calls to ask Carl out on a date.
“How did you get my number? I don’t recall giving it out.”

(Addy’s Note: Teens can’t be in a romantic relationship with YA but the game has YA calling to ask teens out on a date. This definitely sends mixed messages. Also, Rosalinda gets married the next day! Poor Santos Bond … I don’t think your bride intends to be a faithful partner.)

Chase arrives home before curfew takes effect, thanks to the fast-footed Oreo.

~Sunday, 1st day of Fall ~

Conversation around the breakfast table is never boring in this family.

Darla achieves a gardening first for the family! It will be interesting to see what happens when the Omni Plant matures.

The mailbox is overflowing with love letters and gifts.

Tamara Bassett (YA) sent Carl a love letter. “I know this might surprise you, but I’m just crazy about you. I think we should get together and see what happens!”

Jarod Ivanov (YA and distantly related) sent Cassie a love letter. “Okay, keep an open mind for a sec while I paint you a picture: You, me, together. How does that make you feel?”

Speaking of “paint a picture”, Cole challenges Carl but the outcome isn’t what he had in mind.

That afternoon, Jarod Ivanov comes to visit and Claire is first to the door. She discovers that he is dating Tamara.

(Addy’s Note: Yes, this is the same Tamara that sent Carl a love letter! Neither sim appears to be fully committed to their partner.)

Jarod leaves without being given the opportunity to talk to Cassie. Buh bye.

Ben overhears Claire telling Cassie about Jarod and is pleased that she doesn’t appear interested in pursuing any sort of relationship with him. He and Darla hope that all five will find partners worthy of them.

Bell and Braden are sure to be thinking along similar lines. Martina, their youngest, celebrates a birthday and transitions to teen. Happy Birthday, Martina!

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4 thoughts on “8.22: Good News

    • Yes, he does. Waiting for the time he doesn’t make it home & risks getting grounded, lol

      One would think it was spring, but no it is fall in my game. They must be thinking of cuddling and staying warm when its chilly outside.

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