8.21: How They’re Doing

~Wednesday ~

Before heading outside to meet the bus, Cole thanks Ben & Darla again for letting him stay the night.

When he mentions that it’s the first restful sleep he’s had in a long time, Darla gets a little teary-eyed. Those tears threaten to spill when he says he would like to stay … if the offer is still open.

They both assure him that it is and he heads out the door whistling a happy tune.

Ben places a call to the agency that handles foster arrangements and after explaining, asks if Cole can be placed with them.

A short while later they get the answer they hope for!

Carl sends a text around lunchtime letting them know that Cole received a phone call from the agency and plans to get his things after school. Carl will be going with him to keep things from getting awkward with the foster family.

Unpacking Cole’s things, homework and additional driving lessons keeps the family busy for a good portion of the night.

While his parents are busy teaching the girls how to drive, Chase puts an idea he has into motion.

He is thankful he arrives home before curfew goes into effect.

But just to be on the safe side, Chase picks up around the house and gets the laundry started.

Chase and Oreo placed 4th in the Twinbrook Derby. No trophy but he won 100 Simoleons and plans to buy some carrots for Oreo.

He decides to gain more knowledge and perhaps win a few races before telling his parents that he wants to become a horseman.

~Thursday, Leisure Day ~

Ben and Darla celebrate their wedding anniversary!

The family plans to spend the morning at the festival and are surprised when Darla says she’ll meet up with them as soon as she can.

Someone around town has been spreading a rumor that she got arrested!

Addy’s Note: I typically opt out of the Celebrity System when I play but somewhere along the line, it got turned on (earning Ben 1-star and Darla 2-star) before I noticed and turned it back off again.

Darla talks to Baz, Carl and Zoey about this vicious rumor.

Addy’s Note: I look forward to seeing Baz and Zoey’s child because I think they’ll make beautiful kids together! I find it funny that Zoey is bundled head to toe and wondered if her hormones are affecting her body temperature.

While Darla was busy dispelling the rumor, the teens took turns learning to roller skate and test their water balloon throwing skills.

They also dance and make friends with some of their four-legged neighbors.

Darla joins them and they add another family portrait to their walls.

Addy’s Note: I wish the game mechanics offered a different arrangement with families of this size when members are teens and older. I would have liked Chase and Cassie sitting down because you can barely see Ben behind them.

Before they know it, it’s time for the teens to go home and get ready for the high school dance.

Darla heads to City Hall and sues for slander. She eventually wins a settlement of$1,226 (getting $916 after paying $310 in legal fees).

The guys get restless waiting for the girls to join them.

The girls are a bit miffed at seeing the other girls, like their cousin Catrina, dressed in burglar attire.

Before they get upset over being left out of the loop, the boys tell them they look great and the jailhouse look does not rock as far as they’re concerned.

Addy’s Note: Sorry, Elvis, I’m not trying to be cruel. lol

While Darla is out & about and the teens dance the night away, Ben enjoys a visit with Uncle Duncan.

Cassie is crowned as the Summer Queen and Carl is crowned King. Their dance was a little awkward as none of them thought to practice dancing together.

Several fights broke out and a few were denied dances but overall the four of them had a great time.

A few hours later …

Tired, hungry teens grab a bite to eat before turning in for the night.

Chase enthuses about the music and the others question/tease him whether it’s the music or dancing with Layla Chapa that makes him smile the most. A blushing Chase suddenly becomes quite interested in his meal.

The teasing ends as everyone looks at their pictures. They turned out well and all are pleased with the choices they made in regard to backdrop and pose.

In the wee hours of Friday morning, the family learns that another sim isn’t making good choices.

Albert Patten is up to his old tricks again.

Officer Cleveland Kent has things under control and quickly herds Albert toward his waiting police cruiser.

Since everyone is up, Darla serves French Toast before the school bus arrives and the teens head off to school. Yum!

She was hoping that a regular day of classes and homework assignments would ease their minds but it didn’t make any difference since the attempted burglary was the topic du jour.

Perhaps this will help …

~Friday ~

Baz & Zoey welcome Emma to the family!

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8 thoughts on “8.21: How They’re Doing

    • Thank YOU, ciane! It’s funny … I was poking around yesterday thinking it would take time to acclimate and get a chapter together, only to discover one partly written. That was lucky!

      Me too. His should be fun and fairly easy. Hopefully, I didn’t jinx myself just now. lol

  1. Looks like the teens really enjoyed prom! Also, I’m sure next time Chase will do even better in the riding competition. Also, I, too, hate the celebrity system.

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