8.2: Something Shiny

~ Sunday, 1st Day of Summer ~
Family News:
Birthday cards are sent to Shanika, Ian, Winston & Erich.

The family decides an afternoon picnic at the park is a great idea.

Van grills Tofu Dogs since Ben is a vegetarian.

The others entertain themselves while waiting for the meal to be ready.

Khiara jumps off the swing when Graciela picks up Baz. She might be family, but asking permission would be preferable.
Not Chill

The dogs are grilled to perfection and the family enjoys their meal under the gathering stars.

Darla then entertains them with some after dinner music.

Rodrigo Kowalski, Mr. Perpetual Paparazzi, sure is committed to his job.

Van snuggles a sleepy Baz as he and Khiara say their goodbyes before heading home.

It has been a lovely day.

Now that it is just the two of them, Ben and Darla purposefully ignore the paparazzi as they watch the stars … hoping he’ll get the hint and move along.

Seeing the stars shine in Darla’s eyes as the moonlight bathes her face, Ben decides that now is the perfect time to show her something shiny that he hopes will cause her to smile radiantly at him.

He stands up and helps her up from the ground, then drops to one knee in front of her.

“Darla, you make my heart race and bring a smile to my face. I love you and want you by my side as we journey through life. Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”




Congratulations, Ben and Darla!

It’s late. Time to head on home.

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7 thoughts on “8.2: Something Shiny

    • I find it interesting that my sims have to have some sort of relationship with the family in order to interact with theirs, but strangers can walk up and pick up my own little ones.

      Thanks! They make a nice couple and I think they’ll do well with a large family.

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