8.19: Birthday Bash

~ Sunday, 1st day of Summer ~

Enjoying breakfast together is fun when you have a larger family, especially when it’s a special day … like a birthday.

Darla makes the cake while Ben places calls to various family members.
Addy’s Note: The invitations went to Bell & family, Baz & Zoey and Duncan. Repeat calls gave the same results: Duncan and Bell couldn’t/wouldn’t come.

Within minutes of their arrival, Baz leaves for work.

As Baz is leaving, Braden and the girls are arriving. Ben and Darla can’t help but notice how much Catrina and Martina have grown!

It’s a lovely day so they gather in the backyard. The kids play in the pool or toss water balloons while the adults chat and dance.

Now it’s time to sing and blow out the candles. By unanimous decision, everybody decides that Carl gets the honor of blowing out the candles.

Happy Birthday, Carl!

Then the triplets take their turn, going in birth order.

Happy Birthday, Chase!

Happy Birthday, Claire!

Happy Birthday, Cassie!
Addy’s Note: With this many sims to keep an eye on, it’s easy to later discover that a picture is missing or looks terrible as is the case with Cassie’s teen picture.

Tired, happy sims head home while other tired, happy sims go to bed early. Tomorrow is Monday and the teens start high school.

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5 thoughts on “8.19: Birthday Bash

    • Looking over their pictures again, I think you’re right! Cassie is the prettiest 🙂

      My daughter let me know that Carl isn’t very attractive and when I asked why (I thought he looked nice) said his hair and soul patch are awful. To each their own, lol

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