8.18: Do Something About It

Baz and Zoey get engaged!
Martina (Bell’s youngest daughter) celebrates a birthday!
Uncle Duncan celebrates a birthday and retires from the Science career.

Watching four kids moping around the house is a sad sight to see. Yes, they all miss Khiara but Ben is sure she wouldn’t like seeing them this way.

He talks it over with Darla and they decide to go on a family outing.

They’ll play things by ear and leave if the kids want to but hope each will find something to smile about at the Amusement Park.

The kids race to the bop-it games.

Ben and Darla have their fortunes read are given unclear predictions.

They then test the roller coaster to see how kid-friendly it is.

“Whoa! What was that?”

“Did we see what we thought we saw?”

The kids take turns on the claw machine. Cassie grabs a Freezer Bunny toy and Chase claims a gem.

The boys notice the roller coaster and race over to ride but are disappointed to learn they don’t meet the height requirement.

They beg to play a few more arcade games before heading home and their parents gladly allow this since all are having a good time.

After tucking tired, happy kids in for the night Ben and Darla unwind while watching TV. They have a party to plan since tomorrow is going to be a big day.

Darla: “Becoming teens is a big step so we don’t want it to be a little kids’ party.”
Ben: “Soda might be okay but not too much since we don’t keep it in the house.”

As luck would have it, the TV breaks and Darla anxiously watches Ben repair it.

Thankfully he is successful and Darla quickly kisses him, relief showing in her eyes. She’s heard the story and knows that repairing things can be a dangerous business.

With plans in place, they head to bed.

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8 thoughts on “8.18: Do Something About It

  1. Wow at the shark in the water! I’d be scared to let my kids take a rollercoaster. Thankfully, they didn’t get hurt. Sad that everyone is mourning.

    • I rarely have sims ride the coaster so am not sure what the % chance for seeing one is, but I was a bit annoyed at myself for not being quick enough to hit pause and capture pictures of it jumping over them. Does it do anything other than jump over them? Might have to do research and find out!

      I think the game has them mourn for 2-3 days which interrupts queued actions and makes them cry out loud. This is sad to watch so I tend to remove the moodlet on the last day. Shhh! Don’t tell anyone.

  2. Congrats Baz and Zoey!
    Is that a shark! in the pool? Doesn’t look very kid friendly to me.

    That really is a nice theme park though. Plenty of different things to keep the family busy.

    • Thanks, I think they are a cute couple!

      Yes!! The shark jumped over them and then circled around in the pool before disappearing. I wasn’t quick enough to grab screenshots so shall have to have someone else ride the coaster and see how often this happens.

      It is! It is! I should probably remind people where it came from since my newer readers might not know.

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