8.17: Things Take a Turn

~ Friday ~

Baz goes to the fire station to see how he can help with the efforts in Sunset Valley.

While disappointed, he isn’t surprised to learn that only experienced firefighters as well as medical and science personnel are being sent there at this time.

After going on a tour of the station and taking turns working out, Baz feels like this is still the right fit for him and applies for a position.

Meanwhile, in another part of town …
Ben and Darla head over to visit Bell after seeing their kids off to school.

Martina is a happy toddler but Catrina is anything but smiles.

Perhaps her sour disposition is due to missing the school bus and having a long bike ride ahead of her.
Addy’s Note: Catrina was finishing her homework when Ben and Darla arrived.

Bell was leaving for work when they arrived so they enjoyed a nice visit with Braden. Bell works during the day (Business) and Braden works in the evenings (Music) so they can take turns caring for their kids.

It makes Ben happy to see his twin doing so well.

As they’re winding down their visit, Ben gets a phone call from Baz who has some important news to share and they plan to meet back at the house.

The discussion is the last thing on their minds as they walk in the door and see a sad sight.

Goodbye, Khiara. You will definitely be missed.

Baz slumps down on the couch, shock on his face.
“I planned on letting you know that Zoey & I rented part of a house down the street and we were planning on asking mom to come live with us.”

At that moment, the doorbell rings.

Zoey is told of Khiara’s passing and offers her sincere condolences. Then the four of them sit down and begin planning a small memorial service at the cemetery.

“We can bring some of her favorite flowers and later plant them in our yards to honor her memory.”

And that’s exactly what they did. Bell and her family met them at the mausoleum where Khiara joined Van after those who wished to say something were given a chance to do so. Then all took some gorgeous Dianthus flowers home and planted them in their yards.
Addy’s Note: This is the home that Baz and Zoey rented. It’s located at 320 Riverblossom Hills Drive and is down the street from the family home at number 345.

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6 thoughts on “8.17: Things Take a Turn

    • Definitely! She filled a much-needed place as 2nd wife to Van and mother for his two children. Her relationship with Ben & Bell was always good so I didn’t see the need to add stepmother drama since there was enough drama with Malinda not being a mom or very mothering.

      • Sometimes drama can help shape a story, but I don’t feel I’m skilled enough as a storyteller to use it effectively without annoying myself, my sims or my readers lol

        While writing the chapter, I knew I wanted to say more than “good-bye and you’ll be missed” but didn’t want to set up a funeral setting at the cemetery. Seeing the front of the house Baz & Zoey moved to gave me the idea for taking flowers home.

    • Yes, it’s a scenic bike ride and at least it wasn’t a rainy day. Shame that she was late to school though.

      I have so many favorites and Khiara was definitely one of them.

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