8.16: Reason to Celebrate

~ Wednesday ~

Ben and Darla go on a date while the kids are in school.

After school, Baz invites Zoey over for a date of their own.

Hanging out on the couch sounds like fun so the younger ones are a bit perplexed that Baz and Zoey don’t want to stay.

Baz and Zoey then find a quiet bench at the park.

However, things aren’t quiet for long. Happy Birthday, Baz!

Birthdays are always special days, but this one has extra magical moments added.
Addy’s Note: This is the first time I’ve had a unicorn appear on the home lot!

~ Thursday, Love Day ~

Baz graduates with Highest Honor! What a proud moment for both him and his mom.

His classmates ensure that he doesn’t get too big of an ego when they vote him “Most Likely to Burn down Their Own House”.

The family celebrates with an outing to the festival.

They dance, play horseshoes and get another picture for the family portrait wall.

Then various family members spend a little time on individual amusements.

Love Inspector Has Never Been More Confident In A Prediction – You Two Are Going To Have Crazy Make-Outs


Baz is always happy to see Zoey but his grin gets wider (if that is even possible!) when he learns that she also celebrated a birthday.

Both smile at one another when they read the prediction from the Love Inspector.
When The Sun Sets On This Great Earth And We Are No More – Your Love Will Still Go On – Its Energy Burning Across The Galaxy

The younger ones think all this lovey dovey stuff is gross and go get some delicious frozen treats from the ice cream truck.

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11 thoughts on “8.16: Reason to Celebrate

    • Thank you 🙂

      These names were borrowed with permission from my daughter … when she was young she had not one, but two imaginary friends named Baz & Zoey. Granted, hers weren’t romantic at all. She likes what I’ve done with them thus far (she edits my chapters!).

  1. Wow, that was lucky! Don’t remember a unicorn ever appearing on the home lot before it was befriended, but I think one ran past the lot once. And another was seen nearby, but not on the actual lot.

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