8.15: Tuesday Delights


A little fun before school starts the day off with a smile.

As does seeing this gnome in the garden.

Homework is mandatory. Furniture is not.

Reuben Webber calls and asks Khiara to join him on an outing.

She arrives singing because the weather is quite nice but doesn’t let the bit of chill in the air hold her good mood hostage and ends their outing with a second song.

Darla surprises the family with Stu Surprise for dinner.

Baz also surprises the family with his decision to fix the broken television.

It goes well, thank goodness. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief.

Wish I could say the same for the Stu. For some reason Darla decides to use Avornalino Grapes as the main ingredient.

Grapes give a little boost of energy so the kids take advantage of that to have a round of pillow fighting then rock, paper, scissors before bedtime stories and bed.
Addy’s Note: Rock, Paper Scissors determine which bedtime story gets read, of course!

Goodnight to one and all.

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4 thoughts on “8.15: Tuesday Delights

    • I know, right?! Most kids wouldn’t automatically pull out their homework upon arriving home. They would grab a snack, use the bathroom and/or change clothes Possibly something else.

      Real life kids also wouldn’t miss the bus ride home so they could sit on the sidewalk outside school and do their homework.

      The in-game school has a playground that should draw their interest but I have yet to see a child or teen play there “after hours”.

    • I did too! Glad the outcome was different.

      This time, yes 🙂 You wouldn’t know this but … Stu Surprise randomly takes two ingredients from the fridge or sim’s inventory for the meal. I like to peek and see what gets used. Not that I would try in on my end, LOL

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