8.14: Monday Mayhem

~ Monday ~

“Hurry up Carl! You don’t want to make us late for our 1st day of school,” says Claire.

Baz took advantage of having his own set of wheels, telling his siblings he’d see them later as he revved up the engine with a smile and took off.

Baz met them at the pickup/drop off point because he wanted to be sure they knew where they were going, especially Carl.
Addy’s Note: Since learning to drive, Baz sometimes drives instead of riding the bus. I never know which choice the game will give him or … perhaps it is based on what Baz prefers. Some days he might be too tired to focus on driving first thing in the morning.

Ben talks to Bell and Darla stays nearby in case Khiara needs her. Seeing Khiara run around in her sleepwear all day is a cause for concern.

Baz doesn’t know which is worse to come home to … cleaning the terrarium or telling Kendra that he isn’t interested in going out with her.

He isn’t sure how he should tell his friend, Philip, that his girlfriend is asking other guys out because he doesn’t want him to think that he encouraged her in any way.

Cassie is also feeling unsure about things. Her friend, Adria Ivanov, asks her to come to her house after school but isn’t there when she arrives. Then Cassie sees a pale face looking out the window at her and the puppy, Jelly.

Cassie politely excuses herself and heads home. Better to be safe than sorry.
Addy’s Note: For those interested, Adria is living with Ramin (Gabby’s 3rd son and the only one still around, probably because he is a vampire) and his family.

While Baz is out on a date with Zoey, his pet lizard passes. Poor Baz!

What made matters worse is that somebody booby trapped his shower while he was gone.

However, the little mischief maker felt bad after learning that Gama Gama (name courtesy of ciane) had passed and tried to make amends with some flowers they had picked.

What a day! I think we’re all glad that it is over.

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6 thoughts on “8.14: Monday Mayhem

    • I agree, it IS a sweet ride and suits Baz!

      Hmm … not sure he “asked” for it (assuming you meant the prank and not his lizard’s passing), but correcting the temporary hair color is an easy fix. I don’t think the mischief maker will ever reveal his/her self so Baz has to let it go and move along. More important things to think about anyway.

  1. I would have been so frightened in a situation Cassie found herself in. Thankfully, she is safe!
    It’s a bummer that Baz can’t drive the kids to school. Would be kind of him!
    Woah, pink dye does sound like a nightmare for a guy to be pranked with!

    • This is one game mechanic I consider to be a fail since the sim doing the asking is more often than not is absent when my sim steps off the bus.

      Making the rounds, checking up on all the kiddos is when I saw Cassie queue up cat actions and took a look. No Adria, but there were two male sims that she hadn’t been officially introduced to. Even though they are family, I believe she would have felt weird without her friend and gone home as soon as she could.

      I agree that it would be nice of Baz to drive them, but I don’t know if the game would permit this unless I specifically queue the action “go here with …” Besides, what teen wants to be seen driving younger siblings and cousins around?

      The prank was done before the lizard passed, but I still felt bad for Baz. I learned that once a prank is set, it can’t be undone unless triggered. Good to know.

  2. I think that Baz “wished” he didn’t have to clean out the lizard’s terrarium. We are often told to be careful what we wish for. Baz got the wish to not have to clean out the terrarium again at a very high price!

    Weird that the friend didn’t go home on the bus with Cassie. She must have had an after-school activity!

    • Sad, but true. We do have to be careful what we wish for.

      I didn’t think of that, perhaps an after-school activity is something the game mechanics might not take into consideration when issuing a random invite. Something similar might happen when sims call for a date and then not show up at the designated lot.

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