8.13: Lending a Helping Hand

~ Sunday, 1st Day of Spring ~

After hearing the unsettling world-changing news, it didn’t seem right for them to host a party and celebrate a birthday milestone. Other sims needed the basics: food, shelter and clothing.

After dropping off donations that more than equaled the cost of a party, they chose to stay home and celebrate in a quieter manner.

Happy Birthday, Chase!

Happy Birthday, Claire and Cassie!
(L to R on riders: Cassie, Claire, Chase)
Addy’s Note: My apologies. These were taken back in March and I didn’t realize my images of the girls didn’t contain any good closeup ones.

The triplets didn’t take long before letting their individual personalities emerge.

The observant will also notice Ben placing a call to Social Services. He and Darla decided they would become a foster family to one of the displaced youths from Sunset Valley.

Khiara thought this was a lovely idea and looked forward to loving another child.

It wasn’t long before Pawel Mize arrived with his charge.

To keep things relaxed, Carl was introduced to the kids over bowls of ice cream. Well … as relaxed as it could be with his being peppered with questions like favorite color and food by their overly inquisitive one, Cassie.
Addy’s Note: Yes, I know they’re eating soup. I wanted them to bond over ice cream but didn’t want four containers of ice cream sitting on the table. That wouldn’t give the visual I wanted.

In between meeting Carl, they kept an eye on the news. Nothing new to report.

Bell calls, sharing the news that that they have moved again. Braden and she fell in love with the house at 180 Bounty Drive and Ben can see why!

Twins are known to have a unique bond, but these triplets run circles around twins. Chase used the easel in the study, Claire was right outside the kitchen and Cassie was upstairs. No chance for any to see what the other was painting or to influence their creativity in any way and yet they painted the same image.

Must be something from one of their storybooks or maybe they’re trying to think of a way to protect Riverview and prevent it going down the same path that Sunset Valley did.

All Ben knows is that life will never be the same for those from Sunset Valley who experienced the devastation firsthand. Nor will it be all rainbows, unicorns and kittens for the rest of them. Some of their neighbors had family living there.

Yes. life will not be the same from here on out.

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8 thoughts on “8.13: Lending a Helping Hand

    • It IS a full house with 8 sims! At least they are of an age that they can take care of themselves for the most part. At this stage, I didn’t want to have to go through another pregnancy. Time will tell what happens next.

  1. Great way to add the extra random requirement. So did his twin randomly move with story progression or did they get a little help with that choice? Nice story!

    • Thanks, I thought so too. It ties in nicely with the side-story I have going at the moment.

      It was all SP. Bell & family randomly moved both times after I placed her in the initial house. With this town being full, houses and bed space are at a premium! At times I think I should add more beds etc to each home and/or add a couple of empty houses but feel that the game would move in more sims if I did so I leave well enough alone.

      • Yes, that makes sense. Musical beds and musical homes. That’s one thing I liked about AwesomeMod. You could lock a lot to a family by putting the family name in the lot name.

      • Good trick to know regarding AwesomeMod. I have only used Nraas mods but have heard this one mentioned a few times. It might make it easier in knowing where sims live, especially when your household wants to schedule a visit!

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