8.11: Teachable Moments

~ Saturday ~
A birthday card is sent to Kody.
Layla and Reginald McGrath begin dating.
Addy’s Note: For some reason, the lifespan is incorrect so the number of days in each stage were adjusted. This caused townie deaths to occur throughout Saturday and many of them are Snyder family members.
Rufus, Bridgette, Elbert, Berjes, Malinda (Ben & Bell’s mom), Helena, Shon, Dameon, Britta, Efrain (Duncan’s husband), Adam, Deidra, Dina and Dayna passed.

The family receive many calls and mourn the loss of various family members.

Overall, Saturday was an uneventful but busy day in the Snyder house (as one would expect when caring for triplets!).

Let’s move on …

~ Sunday, 1st day of Winter ~
Birthday cards are sent to Jarod, Brenda, Damian and Josue.
Beatrice and Sommer passed on.
Dominic and Isabel Broke begin dating.

“Good morning, girls! Today is a special day!!”

“Rise and shine, son! Big things are happening today!”

Baz helps Ben and Darla take the babies downstairs.

Just in time too.

Happy Birthday, Chase!

Happy Birthday, Claire!

Happy Birthday, Cassie!

Ben teaches Claire how to walk while Darla teaches Chase and Grandma Khiara teaches Cassie. Grandpa Van rereads “Baby Incoming: Preparing with Vigilance” in the hopes that he’ll remember a few things and be able to help.

Unfortunately for Van, his time has come. No amount of begging sways the Reaper and Van accepts his fate with as much dignity as he can.

Goodbye, Van. You will be missed.

Ben consoles Baz and talks him into going to the Winter Dance.
“Stay home if you want, but Dad knows he was loved and wouldn’t like it if you missed the only school dance you’ll ever have because of him. Request a song, grab your friends and dance like you know he would if he could. Go and honor his memory!”

Baz joins his friends and ends up having a decent time. He is named Winter King and leads his classmates in a smustle shuffle that takes over the entire dance floor.

The photographer can’t help but smile when the students strike various smustle poses for their pictures.

Hours later …
Baz talks about the dance.

“From the stories I’ve heard, Van would have orchestrated something similar.”

~ Monday ~
A birthday card is sent to Catrina.
Bell and Braden are seen shopping for baby supplies.
Catrina is going to become a big sister soon!

The triplets take turns learning to talk and getting potty trained.

Ben and Darla visit Bell because they want to meet Catrina.

What a cutie she is!

Meanwhile at home …
Baz is a great uncle and will make a wonderful father someday.

Van might be gone, but his lessons in kindness and love for his family continues.

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8 thoughts on “8.11: Teachable Moments

    • Thanks 🙂
      I enjoyed having Van around and will miss seeing him in future chapters. As you can tell, I wanted Baz to have some fun and honor Van in a positive way. Smustle it is!

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