8.10: Sore Muscles

~ Friday ~
Birthday cards are sent to Kendra and Ernie.
Christin and Tobin marry. Congratulations!
Kirk has passed on.
Deidra mourns the loss of her husband.

Ben encourages Darla to spend the day resting and heads out to care for her crops.

After a long day at school, Baz finishes his homework and decides to tackle another problem … preparing himself for next week’s gym class.

“Ugh! What am I doing wrong? The coach made pull ups look easy … or was he showing us chin ups? … either way, I have got to figure this stuff out!!!”

Darla is still feeling uncomfortable, so Ben offers to give her a massage.
However, nature interrupts this nurturing moment.

Darla goes into labor and Ben goes into panic mode.

“Honey … hon … HEY **snaps fingers**! Pull yourself together and bring the car around front. Get me to the hospital and everything will be fine.”

As soon as he is gone, **rolls eyes**, “Men!!!”

As they arrive, Ben notices how busy the hospital is but Darla has other things on her mind and doesn’t respond to his comments.

The frantic sims don’t faze Darla one bit as she gently waddles through the crowd.
Ben quickly covers a yawn as he follows his wife inside. He’s sure seeing his sweet baby boy or girl for the first time will provide a quick energy boost … long enough to get them all home, safe and sound.

All things considered, labor goes smoothly as the next generation of the Snyder family is born.

“Let’s go home, love. You did amazing in the delivery room and I can only imagine how tired and achy you must be feeling. Are you sure you don’t want me carrying the baby basket … okay, I’ll shut up now.”

Ben was glad there was a taxi waiting to take them home, so he could snuggle in the backseat with his new family. He feels so content and his heart is overflowing with love.

“Goodnight, son. Sweet dreams.”


“Goodnight, darling girls. Sweet dreams.”



Addy’s Note: Bell gives birth to a baby girl. Welcome to the family, Catrina!

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