8.1: Quiet Days

~ Friday ~
Family News:
Birthday cards are sent to Dameon, Conor, Katrina, Dawn, Britta & Luther.
Kristine is expecting her 1st child.
Josephine gives birth to a boy. Welcome to the family, Josue!
Bell and Braden get engaged.

Ben achieves his lifetime wish of a bottomless nectar cellar and can now start earning income on his finely crafted combinations.
Addy’s Note: I held off on selling anything until this LTW was completed. Now that bit is out of the way, I think he’ll easily earn those promotions! If interested, the requirements for the LTW is to have at least 50 bottles of nectar in your nectar cellar and a current collection of nectar bottles worth 10,000 Simoleons. Ben started crafting while he was a teen and used the mass produce option as soon as it became available.

Another milestone is achieved today.
Baz learns how to walk.

Bell and Braden are invited over because the family wants to congratulate them on their engagement.

Ben hugs his sister, Van congratulates Braden and Khiara politely asks Kermit Holloway, the paparazzi who came in when their guests did, to leave.

Ben figures that this is the perfect opportunity to share a little something he calls “Bottled Sunshine”.

He can’t decide if he is more curious to know what others think of his new recipe or when the paparazzi will take the hint and leave.

As the evening starts to wind down, Van picks up a sweet-smelling, sleepy boy and tucks him in his crib. Good night, Baz, pleasant dreams.
Good Night

~ Saturday ~
Family News:
Birthday cards are sent to Brenda & Kody.
Kylie is expecting her 1st child.
Chantel is expecting her 1st child.
Titus and Hailey Newbie begin dating.
Bell and Braden marry. Congratulations!

Ben calls Bellamy to congratulate the newlyweds. He thinks another wedding will happen soon, but doesn’t mention anything as Darla is standing within earshot.

After breakfast, the morning is spent maintaining their garden.
It takes extra helping hands to keep things under control.

The garden is planted by use: family meals, nectar making and selling.

Darla makes a tidy sum each day with her crop of Red Berry Beans. While she doesn’t understand the fascination Sims have for them, her bank account is thankful that they do.

The newly expanded greenhouse easily accommodates the family’s extensive gardening needs.

When not helping with the garden or working, Khiara and Van take turns teaching Baz how to use the potty. He mastered the skill today and they happily donate their diaper supplies to a family member.

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7 thoughts on “8.1: Quiet Days

    • Thanks 🙂 Hopefully things work out well for them.

      Nectar-making is an interesting career. So many possible combinations! I think I might make a sim that attempts ones other than those that I’ve experimented with. With his family being wealthy, it was easy for Ben to toss bottles in the cellar and not concern himself with having an income. In case you didn’t know, teens and older can make nectar.

    • Thanks, RM 🙂
      The garden turned out nicely, but is such a huge chunk of sim time, even with three sims helping! I think as each plant becomes barren, I shall pare the garden down to a more manageable size for future generations to handle 😉

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