7.8: Things Must Change

~ Saturday ~
Bree’s dog, Leroy, passed away. Bree mourns his loss.
Abbie and Berjes are still having marital troubles.
Catrina passed away. Isidro mourns the loss of his wife.
Dorothy passed away. Britta mourns the loss of her mother.
Kisha passed away. Bridgette mourns the loss of her mother.

Malinda spends the morning working from home.

Van and Summer teach the twins to talk.

Their first words!

The twins join Grandma in the garden.

Van invites Malinda to go to a game at the stadium and she lets him know that she isn’t interested in going anywhere with him.

Malinda stomps away and then decides to work off her steam.

Van goes to the game and takes careful notes so he can write up a decent review, but it’s easy to see that he has a lot on his mind.

He heads home and submits his review, then spends time thinking things over.

Grandma Summer tries to give him the time he needs and puts the twins to bed.

Goodnight, Benjamin.

Goodnight, Bellamy.

Sweet dreams, you two.

Van is tired.
Tired of the awkwardness between Malinda and him.
Tired of the fighting.

Things between them must change. Soon.

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3 thoughts on “7.8: Things Must Change

  1. Van is right, I agree that it’s high time he moved on from Malinda. She doesn’t seem like a great mother and role mother for the twins and there doesn’t seem to be much chemistry between them anymore, sadly. Additionally, she’s quite rude.

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