7.7: Different Paths

~ Thursday, Love Day ~
Dominic and Dina marry. Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. SI-Newbie!
Adam and Sommer marry. Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. SP-Broke!
Josephine transitions into teen.

“Good Morning!” Summer calls out to Van and Malinda as they enter the kitchen where she’s busy feeding the twins. “Duncan called earlier. We’re going to swing by the festival for our family picture and then head on over to his place.”

Van stops mid-step and quickly asks if everything is okay. A smile of relief flits across his face when he learns that they’ve been invited to a house party.

The picture turned out nice.

The house is more than nice, it’s cute with a lot of curb appeal!
Addy’s Note: Farmhouse Comfort was built by Kgaff (for me!!!) and can be found HERE

Summer is happy to see the love between Duncan and Efrain.

She is also sad because she knows Malinda and Van don’t share a similar love … made even more obvious with Malinda staying outside when everybody else went inside to greet the happy couple.

Hours later …

They say their goodbyes and head home.

Van snuggles Bellamy and tucks her into bed, then asks his mom to attend to Benjamin’s needs.

Things might seem overcast and gray, but Van thinks an outing for just Malinda and him might make things sunny again.

Unfortunately, Malinda already has other plans for the evening.

~ Friday ~
April and Antoine continue to have relationship troubles.
Kristine and Bradford Broke continue to fight in public.
Dayna gives birth to a baby boy, Ian. Congratulations, Ramin & Dayna!
Josephine begins dating Cliff McCrary.
Chantel is a child. She is ready for school!
Shanika is a toddler. Time to install the baby gates and safety locks!
Quinton enters the world of YA.

Maybe a day outing might be better than one after a day of being out and about.

Van calls in and is granted a day of personal time off.

Once again, Malinda has other plans.

Van shelves his frustration and does what needs doing.

He and Summer teach the twins to walk.

Malinda is offered the opportunity of leaving her current position as Squad Leader and become a Patrol Officer, but turns it down. Good thing she did because she then gets promoted to Flight Officer.

Although … you have to wonder if she made the decision without any outside influence.

Speaking of influence …

Summer offers to watch the children so Van and Malinda can have some alone time.

To see how their evening went, click Different Paths, part two

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