7.6b: Birthday Magic part two

Benjamin is the eldest so he gets to go first.

** sparkle sparkle sparkle **

Now it’s Bellamy’s turn.
Addy’s Note: As we know, EA sometimes has this game doing weird stuff. Van was holding Bellamy and I had him select ‘blow out candles’ but the game made him put down Bellamy so Grandma Summer could pick her up and do the actual blowing of candles. I guess Grandma wanted to not show favoritism. LOL

** sparkle sparkle sparkle**

The toddlers enjoyed their teddy bears while the adults enjoyed their cake.

Lavar and Bree sat at the breakfast table so Van joined them, but the others went out onto the patio.

Duncan chatted away about their new house.

Malinda made it clear that she wasn’t interested in anything other than her slice of cake.
Addy’s Note: Not only did Malinda sit away from everybody else, she more than made her point by not setting her cake plate upon the table. This game must know where things are headed and is nice enough to let me have screenshots that help set the tone.

Lavar joined the people on the patio and Malinda once again brought up the topic from earlier. It looks like he is wishing he had stayed in the kitchen.

While Summer puts away the leftover cake, Van gets the tots ready for their meal.

They both like Chicken Fried Rice.

Time for bed, you two!

Goodnight, Benjamin and Bellamy, sleep tight and hopefully through the night.

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7 thoughts on “7.6b: Birthday Magic part two

  1. The twins aged up nicely, and are very cute!! I notice what you said about the candle deal, and have had a lot of “free will” changes at birthday parties! Does Malinda have the “snob” trait, or is she just not very charismatic?? Good chapter(s), looking forward to more! =)

    • Yes, they are! If I’m remembering correctly, both of them have the same eye coloring that Justin did. Such a pretty turquoise color!

      No, Malinda isn’t a snob, but I don’t think she is very charismatic either.

      Thanks! Hopefully you’ll like the “more” too when it comes down the pipeline.

  2. Cute babies! I don’t think this is weird what EA did, the game always makes it so that the one who has the strongest relation with baby holds them for blowing out the candles. I can see your game is helping you with setting ul the mood, I love when mine does it.

    • Oh! I didn’t realize that the candles worked on relationship (and here I thought Van had as good as Summer. Guess not!). Thanks for mentioning it.

      Yes, the game is cooperating with things right now, but just you wait to see what happens later. It’ll be a while before what I’m thinking about will be shared so I’ll be sure to point it out to you … if you don’t catch it when you read. You are quite perceptive, my friend 🙂

      • Well, today I noticed you posted a post update and without looking at it, turned to my reader. It turned out I was right 😀
        Well, I had a strange situation because I wanted to age up the child and Fidelio was going to work, I made Grace blow out the candles, but Fidelio turned on his heel to picked up the baby and the game told me that he was missing work, lol. I always knew that about the relationship, though, so now you know, too 😀

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