7.6: Birthday Magic

~ Tuesday ~
Adam begins dating Sommer Broke.
Duncan asks Efrain Simon to marry him. Whoop! Whoop!
Margo and Joel marry. Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. SN-Joy!
Ramin and Dayna are expecting their 1st child.
Kenisha Biggs gives birth to a baby girl, Kylie. Congratulations!
Reynaldo Irwin boasts to any who’ll listen about having a child at his age.
Kylie’s birth makes Bridgette a big sister.
Bridgette eases from YA into adulthood.

Early morning.
Everything is quiet in the Snyder house and that’s just the way Malinda likes it.
It appeals to her sense of order.

Malinda mentally goes over the day’s schedule and her checklist as she heads off to work.
Addy’s Note: What? I thought she’d stay home with her family for a few days. Van was given personal leave time off instead of Malinda. Not sure why… let’s be clear… I don’t have a problem with the father sim having leave, it’s just that my games have always had the mother on leave. Could possibly be because she’s a workaholic.

Van wakes up to an empty bed beside him.
Where is Malinda?

Looking around and not finding her, he sends her a quick text.
“Honey, where are you?”

A short time later, he gets a response.
“Work. We’re getting ready for an official visit from SimSpace, so I’m sure you can imagine how crazy things are around here. If I can spare a moment, I’ll try to call around lunchtime.”

Summer is also working today so you know what that means?
Van is on his own when it comes to caring for the two little ones.

He does quite well!

Summer arrives home and encourages Van to do something for himself since he’s been on the go from the moment the twins awoke.

Van decides to go to the Wilsonoff Community Theatre and review the movie “Facekicker 4: In Your Face” for work.

He thought it was a terrific action movie with the perfect balance of great dialogue, engaging characters and gripping plot.

As soon as Van hit the submit button, results were returned. Business is good at the Wilsonoff Community Theatre because of his positive review.
Addy’s Note: It will be interesting to see the different types of results that can happen once a review is submitted because I’m sure not all will go as well as this one did!

It took Van longer than expected to finish writing, editing and then submitting his review so by the time he powered down the computer everybody else was already sound asleep.

~ Wednesday ~
Dina gives birth to a baby girl, Shanika. Congratulations, Dina & Dominic!
Dominic asks Dina to marry him.
Adam asks Sommer to marry him.
Duncan and Efrain marry. Congratulations, Mr. & Mr. Snyder-Simon!

More congratulations are in order because Malinda has been promoted to Squad Leader.

She arrives home as guests are starting to arrive and then remembers that today is the twins’ birthday. Time to do the meet-and-greet.

Summer greets Duncan and lets him know that marriage suits him, he looks happy.

Malinda makes a beeline for Efrain so it’s up to Van to ask the party crasher, Kathleen Newbie, to leave so there will be enough cake for the guests and family.

Kathleen smiles in understanding and takes her leave. Efrain isn’t as understanding. Was Malinda’s comment regarding a ‘need to exercise’ aimed at him?

Time to settle the twins in their gift from Grandma Summer.

Malinda tries to impress Lavar Doe, a local celebrity, and it doesn’t go well.

Undaunted she continues and with military precision, eventually achieves the outcome she was hoping for.

Although by the look of things Lavar got more than he bargained for by allowing her to freely chat with him.

Neither Summer nor Van noticed Malinda’s actions as they were also busy mingling.

If they had, they would have put a stop to her attempts to put the twins to bed.
Addy’s Note: Yes, attempts plural. Each time I left her to her own devices, Malinda kept trying to get the twins out of their baby swings and into their cribs. I’m not sure if this is an action that sims take when the swing stops motion or if her dislikes children trait is the cause.

It’s time to make BIRTHDAY MAGIC so the twins and everybody else can get to bed at a decent hour.

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9 thoughts on “7.6: Birthday Magic

    • First time I’ve played around with this trait, but I thought it would suit what needs to happen (those pesky rule rolls! lol). Dad & Grandma to the rescue!!! Hopefully Ben and Bellamy won’t suffer too badly from all this.

  1. You had it weird with the leave from work, I wonder if this may be connected with “dislikes babies” trait, but I never had it. I had two workaholics (do Maddie and Freddie sound familiar?) and it was the mother who got the leave. I don’t know why Malinda wanted the kids to go to bed immediately, lol. This may be an interesting trait to try out in future.
    I commented on all of the posts, I think?

    • Thanks for your comments 🙂

      Yes, workaholic plus dislikes children is quite an interesting change of pace for me. I don’t think I caught on that Maddie and Freddie were workaholics. I was too busy enjoying your story to realize that one detail, but now that you mention it … it certainly makes sense that they were. 🙂

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