7.5b: Bonus Post

Addy’s Note
WARNING: These events occurred on the night the twins were born. They aren’t pleasant and might be a bit shocking/surprising since the writing isn’t as light as my usual banter. If you’ve read the Rules and Guidelines for this generation, then you already know that I am once again having to step outside my comfort zone with the direction of the story.

Birth is a beautiful moment even though the new mother is often exhausted after labor and wants nothing more than to go straight to bed for hours… if not days.

Looking down at the wee one in your arms often has the parent smiling at the newest member of the family as their heart overflows with love. Sure, there is fear and worry because you are now responsible for the well-being as well as upbringing of another being.

What you say and do now will bear long-term results. But love, joy and parental pride seem to vie for most of your attention. Nurture those and you can overcome the doubts and insecurities you are undoubtedly feeling.

Van certainly feels all this as he looks at his two beautiful babies (Two!! He wasn’t expecting twins but will buckle down and do what needs doing), but he is also troubled.

He can’t help but feel unease as he recalls the look on his wife’s face at the hospital.

Dislike. There is no other word he can think of that can explain the expression he saw.

It didn’t help matters that both babies arrived home crying… no, screaming at the top of their lungs.

“So hungry he is crying! Crying because he’s tired! Wearing himself into a frenzy with all this crying!” Malinda grumbled as she entered the room while Van was trying to settle an upset Bellamy.

Malinda continued to complain, “Her too?! Are Benjamin’s cries causing her to cry? Are Bellamy’s making him do the same? This double everything that twins do is giving me a headache!”

Van tried to smooth things over, “Honey, they’re babies and crying is the only way they have to communicate and let us know something needs attention. Go on and take a rest, you’ve certainly earned it, I’ll get Bellamy settled down and if mom isn’t doing the same with Ben then I’ll take care of him as well.”

**sniff sniff**

“Ugh! What is that horrible smell? That’s just great… two babies mean twice as much mess and twice as much smelling like something ripe from the garbage!”

While Van takes care of Bellamy, Malinda leaves the room and comes across Summer who is on her way to check on Ben.

Malinda sneers, “Well, Grandma, I hope you’re happy because I most certainly am not. Two smelly bundles of noise and I bet none of us are going to get much sleep anytime soon. It’s a good thing I gave birth to twins because I am never going through this again! I don’t care how big a family Van wants… or you for that matter because… I. Am. Done.”

“Good night.” With those words, Malinda turns and stomps off to her bedroom.

**door slams**

Van comes out into the hall and quietly closes the door to Bellamy’s room.
“Mom, is everything okay?”

**loud sigh**
“Van, I know birthing babies isn’t easy and I’m trying to bite my tongue here, but I feel so humiliated and upset right now.”

“I’m so sorry, Mom. Malinda is having a rough time right now and I know that doesn’t excuse her behavior, but I can’t have the two of you at odds. There are two beautiful babies who need attention and I don’t know if I can do it all on my own. Please help me help them. We’ll figure out a way to sort out this other mess later.”

“Yes, of course I’ll help. I will try my best not to take charge and step on overly sensitive toes, so will continue reminding myself that I’m doing this for the sake of my grandbabies and you. We’re family and can certainly weather this emotional storm.”

Summer gently pushes Van towards his bedroom and heads in to take care of Ben.

Van steels himself and pushes open the door, ready to start discussing things with his wife and try to figure out a way of keeping the peace to everybody’s satisfaction.

Not much discussion is going to happen as Malinda is sound asleep.

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2 thoughts on “7.5b: Bonus Post

  1. Wow, I read the Rules and Guidelines, so I think I am quite aware of what is going on. Poor Van, he is very happy for these kids, but Malinda definitely is not. It’s so sad to read about and I know this must be hard to write about something that doesn’t exactly suit you.

    • Thanks for noticing why I’m doing what I’m doing with poor Van, Jowita! You’re right … it IS difficult to write this, mainly because I want the writing to reflect a difference in personalities instead of pure drama. Sometimes couples want the same things and sometimes they don’t. This is one of the times where they don’t.

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