7.5: Moving Right Along

~ Monday ~
Dylan begins dating Ariana Newbie.
Adam and Nicola are heading towards a breakup. That’s too bad.
Joel Joy asks Margo to marry him.
Britta and Dameon marry. Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. SV-Newbie!
Kristine enters the world of YA.
Shon eases from YA into adulthood.
Roderick passed away. Christen mourns the loss of her husband.

Duncan wakes with a big smile on his face. He had a wonderful birthday yesterday and today he graduates from high school.

Congratulations, Duncan!

Duncan graduates with highest honor and was the class Valedictorian.
His classmates voted him ‘Most Likely to Take Over the World’.

Photos taken and congratulations extended, it’s time to head home.
Efrain hugs Duncan, whispers in his ear and then takes his leave.
Malinda rubbing her sore back, informs the others that she’s going to the spa first.

Back at home…

“Looking good, baby brother!”

Van pulls out the last of the apple pie, asking who wants a slice, and cuts a huge piece for Duncan & himself when Summer said that if she ate any she’d have no room for dinner.

Summer starts to pull out dinner fixings, but Duncan asks her to take a break and join them at the table. He has an idea and wants to run it by them.

Duncan: “I know Efrain and I just started dating, but I think he might be the one. He’s asked me to move in with him and I really want to. I love you both and you mean so much to me but I…”
Summer gently interrupts: “Honey, all that matters to me is that you’re happy. I can see that you are and want you to know that while I love having you here, I completely support you in your decision to move out.”
Van pauses with fork midway to his mouth and chimes in with: “What mom said. No seriously, Dunk, as soon as you find out what makes you happy… you grab it with both hands and claim it as yours.”

“Thanks, Mom, for everything!”

“Van, you know I got your back come rain or shine.”
“I know you do, Dunk, I know you do.”

Duncan begins packing a few suitcases and makes plans to swing by later with Efrain to get the rest of his stuff.


Malinda exits the spa with a smile on her face and feeling relaxed all over.
At that moment, pain pierces her body as the first wave of contractions hit.

She heads over to the hospital and calls Van as soon as she gets there.
“I’m having your baby. NOW ow ow! Nurse, where’s that pain med? Gah! Give it to me NOW!”

Van drops the phone, yelling to his mom that the baby’s coming, and flies out the door to get to his wife as quickly and as safely as he can.

Hours later…

Malinda gives birth.
Van happily counts toes and chuckles when little fingers grab his.

Time to bring his family home.

Addy’s Note: History has been made in my game! This is the first fraternal twin birth that any of my sims have ever had. Neither Van nor Malinda have the reward ‘Fertility Treatment’ and I wasn’t exactly sure when she got pregnant since there weren’t any chimes to let me know. This was a pleasant surprise for me!

The rest of this evening is available in a second post!
Bonus Post

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