7.3: Honeymoon Hiatus

Van and Malinda take a couple of days to explore Riverview instead of traveling elsewhere for a honeymoon. They dine at the bistro, go to the movies and figure out fun ways to keep warm during one of the heaviest snows they’ve ever seen.


~ Friday ~
Kristine & Bradford Broke call it a day on their rocky teen romance.
Addy’s Note: The SP message pop-up, wow. I had no idea things could go so wrong… “Everyone in town saw this coming, Kristine SP-Dean & Bradford Broke mutual animosity has finally achieved total and complete hatred, and a new nemesis is born!”
Elbert Ivanov asks Bridgette to marry him.
Chantel is a toddler and ready to explore!
Her parents install safety locks & outlet covers throughout the house.
Monica passed away. Owen mourns the loss of his 3rd wife.

During school, Duncan chats with Lucia and let her know that it’s okay if she wants to attend the dance with her boyfriend instead of him.

Lucia smirks and replies, “A promise is a promise so don’t try to shirk your way out of it, Dunk. Cullen’s not interested in going but is fine with my wanting to.”

With an exclamation of “Alright then, let’s do this!” the two friends high five and quickly break into a run as they hear the buzz of three-minute warning bell.


After a long day of sightseeing, the newlyweds snuggle and discuss possible plans for Saturday as they’re falling asleep. Van suggests going to the library or museum and learning something new together. Malinda seems receptive to the idea if there aren’t any screaming babies around. She then mentions that hearing that squalling baby at the movies sure wasn’t fun.


~ Saturday ~
Kisha begins dating Igor Tillman.
April and Antoine might be heading towards a break up. Young love is tough!
Bridgette and Elbert marry. Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. SI-Ivanov!
Erich transitions into teen.
Isidro gracefully ages into elder.
Jermey passed away. Margo mourns the loss of her husband.
Owen passed away. Britta and April mourn the loss of their father.


Maybe Malinda shouldn’t have had that second handful of cookies after dinner.


No, Malinda thinks, that was not one of her better ideas as she covers her mouth and races to the bathroom.


After showering and taking an antacid to settle her stomach, Malinda finds herself wanting something cold and sweet.


As soon as Van wakes up, Malinda lets him know that she isn’t feeling well and apologizes for it messing up their plans for the day. Van gives her a hug and assures her that he is fine with a quiet day at home.

Addy’s Note: Poor Malinda is ill. She’s been battling a cold since Friday night and has the germy moodlet stating that she might be contagious. What a whammy for our new bride! At least she can go to the hospital for a ‘flu shot’ and find some relief.

Malinda rushes to the bathroom a few more times and breathes a sigh of relief when her nausea finally dissipates. She’s still feeling a bit tired and takes several naps throughout the afternoon.

While his wife naps, Van practices technique by interviewing his boss for an article on elder sims in the community. Locke Kidd stresses the importance of staying active and keeping your mind stimulated.


Prom time!

Duncan compliments Lucia on her teal dress, letting her know that it’s a great color for her.


Lucia smiles and lightly punches him on the arm, “Enough with the sweet talk. Race you to the door!”


Prom highlights:

* Duncan was ecstatic about receiving the Prom King crown and jokingly thanked everyone for rigging the votes.

* The band played Duncan’s favorite song and Lucia asked him if he wanted to go steady… he gently turned her down saying that he wouldn’t do that to Cullen after knowing the disappointment of heartbreak firsthand.

Addy’s Note: I didn’t realize that the prom event ‘makes’ romance happen when two sims go together… they went as friends without any attraction between them. Did a little bit of research (hooray for Google!) and found a small mention of this happening. Guess the game mechanics thinks that if you like someone enough to ask them to go with you, then you must like-like them. Good to know!

Duncan and Lucia cracked jokes and laughed all night, which was the most fun he’s had in a long time, but he’s sure his mom won’t like how the prom photograph turned out.

“Lucia, I can’t believe you tickled me right as the photographer was telling us to stand still and smile!”

“It suits you better than your usual cheesy grin, O Mighty Prom King!”


Malinda is feeling a bit bloated and hunts through the closet for some loose-fitting clothing. Perhaps she can convince Van to be her workout buddy tomorrow if she’s feeling better. Maybe an early night will help and she calls out goodnight to the others.

A little later…

Duncan saunters in, wearing the crown, but starts to stutter out apologies as he hands over the picture. Van takes one look and cracks up laughing and Summer… well, she put her fingers to her lips and tries to stop herself from giggling… but can’t.

Soon all three are laughing over bowls of ice cream as Duncan regales them with snippets of his night.

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6 thoughts on “7.3: Honeymoon Hiatus

  1. Is she really ill or is that a possibility for pregnancy? Van is so sweet and caring towards her, though she may have become ill at the thought of exploring museums… may not be her piece of cake, lol. I really love how you described the prom photo – I didn’t even know that the game won’t make them go steady when one of them is already in a relationship; interesting. Maybe I have proms too rarely in my game.

    • Yes, Malinda really is ill in the game and more than likely pregnant as well since I tend not to wait before getting the heir going. 😉

      The prompt for having Duncan and Lucia go steady did appear, but I declined since she is dating someone and I’m not a fan of breaking up relationships.

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