7.23: The Twins Graduate

~ Thursday, Love Day ~
Family News:
Ian and Stacia Cloud begin dating.
Christin and Tobin Ivanov begin dating.
Birthday cards are sent to Kylie, Helena & Sophia.

Baz is an early riser and enjoys special morning time with the Snyder who is awake.

Khiara teaches him how to talk. They both get a chuckle from the word “drama”.

Time to head over to City Hall.
The School Board might be getting a call since they scheduled the twins’ graduation to take place during a holiday.

Graduation Highlights:
*Ben graduates with Highest Honor! He is Class Valedictorian and his classmates voted him “Most Popular”.
*Bell also graduates with Highest Honor! Her classmates voted her “Most Likely to Become a Sports Star”.

Ben and Bell enjoy tossing their diploma.

Say Cheese!
Their graduation photo looks great and Van is happy that each of them have found a special someone.
Twin Grad Photo

Everyone then changes out of their formal attire and heads over to the festival to celebrate this special milestone!

Van and Khiara enjoy watching the “kids” play horseshoes.

Then each couple takes their turn at the Love Meter.

Van and Khiara
LM Van
Results: Naughty but Nice. The Love Inspector declares that you two are a pretty cute couple.

As Ben and Darla are stepping up to the machine …

Van and Khiara notice an unknown Sim picking up Baz. Time for a little interception … Khiara introduces herself to Deon Broke and Van gently picks up Baz.

Ben and Darla
LM Ben
Results: Wild. The Love Inspector has a feeling about you crazy kids – this couple could be the real thing.

As Bell and Braden are stepping up to the machine …

Khiara gets notification that there an emergency at the hospital and heads over to offer assistance.

Ben takes the time to let Darla know how much she means to him and asks her to move in.
Move In

Darla is quite enthusiastic when responding with “yes”!
Move In2

Bell and Braden
LM Bell
Results: Harmless. Really? You are so far out of this one’s league you are practically a different sport.

Oh dear.
LM Bell2

Take Two.
Results: Harmless. The Love Inspector believes that the hottie should lose the zero – and get with the Love inspector.

Both decide that the machine must be on the fritz.

Time to head home and hang the newest family portrait.
Spring Wall

Spring Photo

Ben and Darla excuse themselves from the table so that Bell and Braden can have a chat with Van.

Bell: “Daddy, now that I’m older, it’s time for me to move out and start making my own way in this world.”
Van smiles and opens the newspaper at the “For Rent” section.
Move Out

Bell: “Thanks, but we’ve already found a place. Braden and I are moving in with Duncan & Efrain. They have an extra bedroom and gave us a good rate so we can start saving up to get a place of our own.”

Van is one proud papa. His daughter makes plans and looks before she leaps.

“It will be different not seeing you on a daily basis, but I fully support your decision and I know Khiara will too. You’ve grown into a beautiful young lady and we’re very proud of you.”
Move Out2

Khiara arrives home in time to help Bell finish packing and the family send Bell and Braden off with hugs and words of good luck.

Times are changing. In a good way.
Here ends generation 7. Van has been a fun heir to follow and write about.
Welcome, generation 8. It will be interesting to see things from Ben’s perspective.

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9 thoughts on “7.23: The Twins Graduate

    • Can’t believe I’m entering Gen 8! It won’t be long before the 10th heir is revealed and the end of this Randomacy. Plans are percolating for the next “challenge” and hints will be dropped soon … hopefully readers will like the direction I’m taking.

      • I don’t have an estimated number for my own legacy, which isn’t even a challenge. I can’t imagine leaving them at the moment and I think the urge to keep it up will be even greater as I move on!

      • I’m glad! Your story is wonderfully creative and should be continued for as long as you’re interested in keeping it up.

        I always planned to end when the 10th reaches YA, but to be honest I’m not done with the Snyder family and want to continue playing them to see where things go. With my game getting more wonky as time marches on, there will be some changes coming and hopefully I can do justice with weaving the old and the new together.

      • I definitely am! I think I am addicted to doing this thing, haha.
        I wish you the best of luck with your Snyder family. I sure know how you feel and I think it will be interesting to see what happens past the magical 10th generation!

      • Understandable, but it’s a good addiction to have 😉

        Thanks! Now if my writing can do justice to what my brain is imagining, then I think things will chug right along.

        Speaking of chugging along, am very much looking forward to what my favorite SimLit authors will be coming up with in this coming year. RM, B, you and hopefully SweetP (as long as her game cooperates!). I’m sure there are other authors that I’m forgetting to mention at this point in time, but they’re definitely included in this.

      • Wow, I can’t believe I’m mentioned along with so many authors I absolutely adore myself and am looking forward to what’s in store in their stories!
        And I obviously look forward to your generation 8 and other ones you will obtain throughout the year! I am hoping to end my 4th one in March. It’s been a long, long ride already.

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