7.21: Not the Flu

~ Friday ~
Family News:
Dina gives birth to a boy. Welcome to the family, Wade!
Birthday cards are sent to Chantel and Dominic.
Issac and Chantel get engaged. What a beautiful birthday present!

Khiara and Bellamy are both under the weather with the flu.
Hopefully they start feeling better soon!

Khiara tries to go about her day as usual, thinking that mind will win out over matter, but her body seems to disagree.

Perhaps a nap will help. Van decides to read somewhere else so she can get the rest she obviously needs.

Khiara wakes up feeling refreshed and continues studying the medical journal she brought home from work.

Once done, Khiara thinks a little strategic planning might help with her next promotion and heads over to the chess table to see if she can come up with some new moves.

After a few hours, some “new moves” cause her to shift focus away from work and onto another topic entirely.

She can’t wait to tell Van!

~ Saturday ~
Family News:
Chantel and Issac marry. Congratulations!
Britta gives birth to a girl. Welcome to the family, Layla!
Birthday cards are sent to Kody and Keli.
April and Dameon begin dating.

A new year is almost here. This makes it a day of reflecting the past year and looking forward to the beginning of the next one.
Year of Photos

Speaking of looking forward …

Khiara has news to share with Van.

“I’m sorry to interrupt your work, but I have something to tell you. Things are going to change around here … in a good way. I’m pregnant!”

“That’s fantastic news, Khiara! You are going to be a wonderful mother! How do you feel? Do you need anything?”

Khiara assures Van that she is feeling fine, but he encourages her to rest as he and the twins take over the chores she normally performs.

Everyone is looking forward to meeting the newest member of the Snyder family!

~ Sunday, 1st Day of Spring ~
Family News:
April and Dameon get engaged.
Dawn gives birth to a girl. Welcome to the family, Dora!
Britta and Berjes begin dating.
Keli and Winston Liles begin dating.
Bridgette gives birth to a boy. Welcome to the family, Aren!
Beatrice announces that she is pregnant with her 1st child!
Ian and Candy Newbie begin dating.
Birthday cards are sent to Michale and Sergio.

Another quiet day at the Snyder house.

Van is working from home, trying to finish a few projects so that he can focus on the baby when he or she arrives.

Bell is out shopping with friends, hoping to find something for the nursery.

Ben invites Braden over to watch the game and is thanked for making him feel at home.

Lest you think Khiara is forgotten, she has spent the day resting and trying to ease her aching back. Nothing seems to be soothing that particular ache so she heads over to the spa for a deep tissue massage.

As soon as she arrives, thoughts of massages fly out of her mind as her water breaks and she enters labor.

Khiara calls Van and he quickly arrives to take her to the hospital. Although, perhaps keeping her company is more appropriate since Khiara slides behind the wheel.

“Luther, stop freaking out and let us pass. That isn’t going to accomplish anything or change the fact that my wife is about to give birth.”

Oh, dear. Dominic is having another medical emergency, but Khiara isn’t able to stop and assist him at this time because her baby’s pending birth takes precedence.
Addy’s Note: I didn’t realize that a Sim needed help until after she arrived at the hospital and a message pops up stating that “Khiara failed to help Dominic. The medical community won’t like this at all.” As a result, her work performance took a hit. Nobody said SimLife is fair!

Khiara won’t let that stop her from enjoying the moment she first lays eyes upon their child.

Van is over the moon with joy as he looks at his lovely lady and their beautiful baby boy.


Welcome home, little one.

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16 thoughts on “7.21: Not the Flu

    • While twins would have been nice, it would have changed things since Van was slated to only have 3 kids with 2 partners. I wouldn’t have been strict and removed a child from the family because I am more into telling a story over strictly following a challenge.

  1. Congratulations, Khiara! She will fit in as a mother much better than Malinda. I’m so happy for her and Van.
    By the way, I’m surely amazed by the amount of catching up you did! I think you only have two chapters to get there. I can’t believe you sacrificed so much of your precious time for my story, I feel honored. I hope you had a good time!

    • I agree! Khiara is a better fit in this family and definitely more maternal than Malinda ever was.

      Thanks for your message … it was fun playing catch-up with the Rosenthal family. Once I got behind, it really snowballed on several of the SimLit stories I regularly follow. Will try not to let that happen again. My goodness!!! Sam/Samien. So many strong emotions came to the surface as I read more & more. He is not a likeable guy at all so you did really well in your writing of him to pull emotions from your readers. Keep on doing what you’re doing!

      • I’m glad you enjoyed it! Oh, Samien is a total mess, but I can’t hate my own characters. They all hold special places in my heart, even him. First person developed a connection between me and him, I guess. He is an interesting heir, for sure, and not easy to write. I am glad you think I did him justice. I update every Saturday, so it’s easy to fall behind!

      • I definitely enjoy your work! You (and other authors) add mature topics that give a lot of “food for thought” and I recently discussed some of them with my hubby. Thanks for that 😀

      • These are nerve-racking when you get them out into the world. You never know who it may hurt and what people will think. Writing something light-hearted probably wouldn’t have been half as fun for my storyteller’s soul, though.

      • I think each storyteller gets a bit nervous sharing their writing with others because we never know what will strike a chord, what won’t, etc. As long as the readers are engaged and the writer enjoys what they do while improving their skills, then it is a win-win situation for sure 🙂

      • I can understand that.

        Once in a while I come across wording that I read through a second time to be sure I understand what you’re trying to say before continuing, but even with English as my only language, I sometimes have trouble expressing myself correctly.

        Kudos to YOU for being fluent in more than one language!!!

        I took 3 years of Spanish (high school & 1st year of college), but haven’t been able to regularly practice so that skill declined until it is almost non-existent. Hence why I say English is my only language.

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