7.20c: Reception

“Hello, Mrs. Snyder. Beautiful brides should be kissed by their lucky grooms. Often!”
W Kiss

“Hey, you two, less kissing and more cutting of the cake!”
Van and Khiara hold the knife and slice the cake together.

Paparazzi Lana Portillo enthusiastically claps as they select their slices.
“She must have a sweet tooth,” Khiara whispers with a smile.

Van and Khiara enjoy every bite of the delicious cake.

They share a few dances and thank their guests for joining them on this special day. “Even though we are leaving, please stay and enjoy yourselves!”

“Are you ready to go home, Mrs. Snyder?”
“I am indeed, Mr. Snyder!”
“Then your coach awaits, m’lady,” Van says with a smile as he opens the passenger door for Khiara.
W Car

They arrive home to a quiet house and spend a few minutes admiring the pictures from the dance before heading to the master suite.

Van is glad there aren’t any cakes to slice or hungry paparazzi because he plans to kiss Khiara.
HM Kiss1

HM Kiss2

Time to step away and give these newlyweds some privacy.

Congratulations again, Van and Khiara!
We know you two will be very happy together.

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5 thoughts on “7.20c: Reception

    • Glad you liked the method of delivery 🙂 Since it all happened on the same SimDay and was a lot of material, I decided to break it apart for easier reading but didn’t want to drag it out over multiple days this week. I know I wouldn’t want to wait until another portion dropped 😉

      Thanks! I must have done something right with all the compliments I’ve been given regarding these. Hubby says they gave the feel of a real wedding.

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