7.20b: Winter Formal

Bell looks beautiful in blue and Ben looks dashing in his dark suit.

*~* Highlights from the Dance *~*
*Braden revealed that he likes Bellamy a lot. Bellamy was so happy she couldn’t wipe the smile off her face.
*Benjamin’s prom picture will be quite memorable!
*The band played Bellamy’s favorite song and Braden asked if she wanted to go steady!
*Benjamin decided to ask a loner classmate to dance because he felt bad for him. Instead of thanks, he threw his drink in Benjamin’s face.
*Bellamy is Prom Queen! She can’t wait to place it in her house and show it off to everyone!
*Everyone was screaming for excitement when Benjamin was announced Prom King! Benjamin felt the love!
*Wow! Bellamy really made a good impression on Braden with some epic dance moves!
*Everyone looked amazing in their suits and dresses! Benjamin couldn’t stop checking people out!

Their Winter Formal pictures are nice and will look great hanging side by side on the family photo wall.
WF Photo

Ben sees Darla Rollins as he is leaving the dance and they hit it off so he invites her over.

“It is awkward getting your picture taken when you are on your own and see couples everywhere, trying to claim as much photo time as possible. You feel rushed.”

Ben assures her that if he was a photographer, he wouldn’t rush her because she is pretty to look at. He then blushes when he realizes that he said it out loud, but is relieved when she smiles at him and leans closer to him.

Their interest in one another seems to be mutual.

Caught up in the moment, Ben leans in for a kiss and is pleasantly surprised when she doesn’t pull away.
1st Kiss

Feeling bold, Ben asks Darla to go steady and is ecstatic when she says yes without hesitation.

The young lovebirds share sweet goodbyes as Ben drops her off at her house.

Both twins go to bed with huge smiles on their faces. It has been a wonderful Winter Formal!

While all this is happening, there is a lovely RECEPTION taking place on the other side of town.

3 thoughts on “7.20b: Winter Formal

    • Me too! He had such horrible luck AT the dance so I decided to peek at Sims exiting and see if there was anyone interesting. She was there and I think she’ll be a good fit for him. Hopefully. The game doesn’t always agree with my choices. 😉

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