7.20: Special Snowflake Day

~ Thursday, Snowflake Day ~
Family News:
Dawn and Erich are expecting their 1st child.
Bridgette and Elbert are expecting their 2nd child.
Abbie SP-Broke has passed on. Berjes mourns the loss of his wife.
Chase Snyder-Joy has passed on. Lorena mourns the loss of her partner.
Joss SD-Broke has passed on. Dawn mourns the loss off her father.
Malik SB-Bassett has passed on. Keli mourns the loss of her husband.
Brianna McHenry has passed on. She & Summer had some great times.

Today’s Schedule:
Morning ~ Winter Festival
Afternoon ~ Wedding of Van & Khiara
Evening ~ Winter Formal, 6 PM

What a special Snowflake Day this will be!!!

The family is still saddened by the loss of Summer, but knows that life needs to go on. Curling up in a ball, crying and hiding in bed won’t change anything.

Van and the others meet out front so they can head over to the festival and grab the traditional family portrait.

The twins are pleased with how it turned out because that means no retakes.

With a long and eventful day ahead of them, Khiara suggests they enjoy a few minutes of pure fun.

Fun time ends when Khiara hears a painful moan coming from upstairs and hurries over to see how she can help.

Winston Liles, the Food Merchant, needs medical attention.
Med Collage

Khiara asks a few pertinent questions and quickly realizes that he is suffering from a bout of nausea.

She soothes his symptoms and advises him not to go overboard on cookies and cocoa in the future.

Crisis is adverted, whew!
Time to leave the festival and head on over to the wedding chapel.

The family, especially Van, are glad that Duncan can attend.

Unfortunately, their small wedding doesn’t stay small for long as various family members and townies drop by to watch the ceremony.

Van and Khiara only have eyes for one another as they hold hands and begin to say their vows.

“With this ring, I thee wed.”
K Ring

“With this ring, I thee wed.”
V Ring

“You may now kiss your bride.”
Wedding Kiss

Van and Khiara’s first moment of wedded bliss gets interrupted when Dominic doubles over in pain.

Khiara to the rescue! Van is impressed by her actions and thinks it would make a lovely Sim Interest article.

It is amazing to watch her pull diagnosis instruments from a hidden pocket in her dress. What an ingenious design!

Another bout of nausea that is easily taken care of.

Thank you, Khiara, thank you very much!

Ben and Bell notice the time and let their parents know that they need to leave so they can be ready for the dance in time.

“That’s fine. Have a GREAT time you two. We’ll save you some of the cake.”

To see their attire and read about how the dance went, please check out WINTER FORMAL.

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