7.2: Tip The Fun-O-Meter

~ Wednesday ~
Deidra gives birth to a baby girl, Chantel. Congratulations, Deidra & Kirk!
Antoine & Graciela celebrate birthdays and enter the world of YA.
Kirk eases from YA into adulthood.
Christen gracefully ages into an elder.

After that fiasco with Isabel, Duncan doesn’t want to go to prom alone and decides to ask his good friend (and cousin!), Lucia Ivanov, since she is also without a date.
Addy’s Note: I didn’t know you could ‘ask to prom’ under friendly because I always thought it was only a romance option. As soon as I saw it, I knew that he would ask her as one friend to another.

Lucia replied with, “The aliens might abduct me before the dance, so there’s a chance I might not make it. I’d still go with you, but just be aware it can happen at any time.”
Addy’s Note: Oh, my! LOL
Good thing they are just going as friends or this might totally crush poor Duncan.

~ Thursday, Snowflake Day ~
Lucia begins dating Cullen Lessen.
Katie and Dylan are having marital issues. That’s a shame.
Josephine is a child. She is ready for school!
Luther, Dawn & Katrina celebrate birthdays and transition into teen.
Reynaldo & Margo celebrate birthdays and gracefully age into elder.

Everything is covered in a blanket of beautiful white snow and the family dresses warmly so they can enjoy the morning at the Winter Festival.

Malinda challenges Van to a snowball fight, but instead of a quick victory, she realizes they’re evenly matched so tries her best to curb her competitiveness and just have fun.

Duncan alternates between warming himself at the fire pit and roasting marshmallows. He enjoys being toasty warm inside and out.

Drew Broke called and with a slightly panicked tone to his voice, asked Summer to come over and help ensure his Snowflake Day party is a success. How could she say no to a friend in need?

Summer ended the call and after explaining the situation, the others agreed that she should go. They’d be fine and would see her later at City Hall.

Everybody quickly gathered together for a family portrait before going their separate ways.

Duncan doesn’t want to feel like a third wheel so heads inside to learn how to ice skate and perhaps grab a hot chocolate or two.

Malinda links arms with Van and pulls him over to the fire pit so they could talk.

Malinda: “Are you sure you don’t mind?”
Van: “Malinda, our wedding is your special day, too. Yes… our family has a tradition of getting married at the chapel, but I understand your reasoning for not wanting a big wedding. If I ‘walked a mile in your shoes’ I would probably feel the same way. The Snyder family is huge and the beautiful bride is the only Moses member. Sure, we could invite bosses and co-workers instead of extended family, but this is not my wedding. It’s our wedding. We’re equal partners and this is one compromise I’ll gladly do. I love you, Malinda, not this family tradition.”

**sniff sniff**

A teary-eyed Malinda, then asks: “Is your mom upset about our change in plans?”
Van smiles before responding: “Upset? No, not at all. She didn’t follow family tradition so why would you ever think that she would insist that we do? Mom is glad to have you as a part of our family, ring or no ring, so wedding location doesn’t matter.”

“Oh, Vaaan…”

Summer and Drew go over his checklist, paying special attention to the activities and planned menu, while decorating the front yard in a ‘Snowflake Frolic’ theme.

Looking good, you two!

Later that day…

Van and Malinda marry at City Hall.
Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Snyder!

That bit of wall is no longer bare looking.

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6 thoughts on “7.2: Tip The Fun-O-Meter

  1. Haha…found the chapter!! I don’t feel good today, and it shows! I really expected an alien abduction! lol Now we will see how this new married couple handle their differences.

    • Sorry you’re under the weather 😦 Hope you feel better soon!

      Aww… sorry to disappoint. An alien abduction would be awesome! Too bad we can coordinate these to happen or I totally would have in this case. LOL

      Will be interesting to see what happens between Van and Malinda.

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