7.19: Last Request

~ Wednesday ~
Britta and Dameon are expecting their 2nd child!
Andres and Christin celebrate birthdays!
Fredrick and Sarah Irwin get engaged!

Thoughts of Summer and the rest of her family kept Khiara tossing & turning for a good portion of the night. She wakes up early and decides to get a little research done before heading off to work, not that she wants to go to work …

… but Summer had left behind a letter stating that when her time came, she wants the family to focus on living and not get caught up in their grief. No big service because she felt that saying goodbye and putting a loved one’s body to rest in the family mausoleum should never be made into a public spectacle, especially since the paparazzi have taken notice of their family. Her additional request was that the wedding proceeds as planned without any delays.

It was a beautiful letter, written with love and a dose of humor. One that captured the essence of the woman herself.

So, Van and Khiara honor her memory by going to work and the twins did the same by going to school.

Afterwards, they meet Duncan & Efrain at the cemetery to hold a private ceremony filled with love and quietly shared memories among the tears and comforting hugs. Thankfully, no paparazzi were present.

Later that same day

Van works from home while the twins do their homework and Khiara gets ready for her bachelorette party.
Addy’s Note: Silly me didn’t think to include Van in the screenshot so imagine him sitting at the table, quietly working on his laptop.

Khiara stops by the kitchen and starts to slide onto an empty chair, but Van pulls her into his arms and tells her to get going. “Your co-workers put together a nice party and it would be a shame if the bride-to-be doesn’t make an appearance,” then he lowers his voice and continues, “The best way we can honor and cherish her memory is by doing what she asked. Live each day fully and make new, wonderful memories that she can enjoy because she’ll always be with us in our hearts.”

Khiara squares her shoulders, puts a small smile on her face and heads off to the party.

Khiara’s boss, Isabel Broke, has obviously practiced drinking flying fizzy stuff! Her co-worker, Kristine, enthusiastically commandeers the drink station and whips up a batch of what she is calling “Bridal Bliss”.

The paparazzi, Lana Portillo, gets quite the scoop when Dancer Chip Offablock begins to perform. Isabel changes outfits and then shares a dirty joke about chips & dip. Khiara blushes while politely smiling at her boss and thinks that Summer would have gotten a kick out of Isabel’s humor.

Kristine seems mesmerized by Chip’s moves and doesn’t notice the arrival of the second paparazzi.

The dance routine ends and Chip is invited to stay a bit longer. Khiara notices Kristine making yet another round of drinks and begs off, laughingly stating that she needs to get her beauty sleep or the bride will be walking down the aisle with bags under her eyes and holding a barf bag. The others barely take notice of her departure.

Van and Khiara are all nestled in their bed with visions of wedding bells dancing in their heads.

Sleep well, you two! You have a big day ahead of you!

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4 thoughts on “7.19: Last Request

    • It was definitely funny to see.
      Oh, those wacky, wonderful spontaneous townie Sims! 😛

      The paparazzi wore what looked like a nightgown and Khiara’s boss changed from outwear into what I’m guessing is swimwear. None of the sims reacted, so I figure it wasn’t sleepwear for either of these ladies.

    • Yes, it was a crazy party!

      Plans were for both to have their own parties before the BIG Day since I rarely do that, but her death made me stop my game and try to figure out whether Khiara should have hers or not, would the wedding get postponed, that sort of thing. But … it would change the dynamics too much if I canceled/postponed since their wedding was a long time coming, so I needed to write in a way to make it seem okay to hold the events when they did. I wanted to keep the tradition of holiday weddings and figured waiting a season might be too long of a wait.

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